When Experience Meets Empathy: Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden

The idea of going under the knife for cosmetic surgery can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. For those who are in the hands of Dr. Jennifer Walden however, there is no need to have any fear. Dr. Walden’s services are truly the best of all worlds. She combines her vast knowledge and precise surgical skills with a great level of compassion for each and every one of her patients.

Dr. Walden had a knack and a passion for her field from the beginning, graduating as class Salutatorian with highest honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She’s had 7 and a half years of experience working in a renowned private practice, and her own private practice that she opened in 2011 when she moved back to Austin is a wild success. Despite all of her years of experience, she is always willing to learn new things. She continues to always stay up to date with the latest techniques for all of the procedures that she performs, and her practice is known for being very high tech. Dr. Walden prioritizes patient safety and comfort, and believes that incorporating technology is a great way to achieve these goals. Click here to know more.

Dr. Walden has great empathy for her patients. This is probably the characteristic that sets her apart from so many other doctors in her field. Female cosmetic surgeons are very rare, even though 91% of people who get the procedures are women. As a mother of twins, Dr. Walden understands her patients’ insecurities about their faces and bodies. She has shared part of that same experience. She knows what it feels like to finally get the results that seemed like they would never be more than a dream, and the amazing boost of confidence her patients get from her procedures.

Dr. Walden applies her personal knowledge of how her patients’ bodies age and change over time to her procedures. Rather than completely changing features she makes what is already there look its very best, giving more natural-looking results. For anyone who is interested in cosmetic surgery but feeling nervous, the only thing left for them to do with Dr. Walden is to relax.


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