Was is satisfying for Michel Terpins when he moved to rallying.

The first image that comes to mind when you mention Michel Terpins is that of the former cross country champion in Brazil. He had taken on the position like no other before him and dominated it within such a short time that his reign is remembered with a lot of admiration and pride within the cross country circles. He was so well respected that when he left for rallying, he was elected to come back as chairman in order to transition his leadership skills as a champion into the running of the sport. He took on the position with his usual grace and within the time that he held the position he was able to transform into an organization that was attracting sponsors in their numbers. His move to rallying was however very well received by his brother who all along had been rooting for the move. He would embrace him full heartedly and take him under his wing, and this is the point where they found the need to start the Bull Sertoes Rally. They needed a team in order to professionalize there rallying careers and be able to take part in the numerous rally circuits that take place in Brazil. The formation of the Bull Sertoes Rally team would mark the beginning of their cooperation professionally in rallying. The team would instill the sense of professionalism between them soon, and they were able to bring in a management and technical team. MEM motorsport was also brought into the picture. They were to be responsible for building the team car and ensuring that it was the most dynamic vehicle in the race to enable them get an edge in the Sertoes rally that they always participated in. MEM would prove to be a good choice as they were able to deliver the two-wheel racing category car. The car has proved to be reliable and despite experiencing some mechanical problems at times during the Sertoes rally they know that it is only natural for a car that gets pushed that hard. Michel Terpins hopes to continue racing for a few more years before he decides to hang his boots.

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