The True Meaning of Beneful

How many people think of Beneful dog food they don’t about much more than the cute commercials and all natural ingredients. They rarely ever take the time to sit down and think about what the word truly means and what the product promises to deliver based on its name. When Beneful originally launched in 2001, a spokesperson said that Beneful meant “full of goodness”, which is what they looked at delivery in each and every one of their Beneful products.

For many others, they take the name a step further. The name Beneful beneficial is simple, it is just a combination benefits with the suffix -ful. Just like someone who is full of hope can be hopeful, a product that is full of benefit for your pet is Beneful.

Weather full of goodness or full of benefit for your pets the message is clear, Beneful provides a quality product; Beneful is more than just pet food, it’s a healthy and beneficial meal that will keep your pets healthy.


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