The Incredible Performance of Rick Smith as CEO of Securus

Rick Smith had an impressive education background which without a shred of doubt aided him to become an admirable leader in all the areas that he pursued. Rick Smith went to school at the State University of New York, at Buffalo where he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in the prestigious Electrical Engineering. It was after that degree that he attended an MBA course at the University of Rochester’s Simon School and graduated with flying colors. It is also worth noting that Rick Smith holds the admirable Masters in Mathematics, which he acquired from the State University of New York at Brockport.

It is however Rick Smiths leadership role at Securus Technology that has worn him all the respect and admiration, especially because he has transformed it into a technological giant. Securus Technology has a grip on its niche market, which mainly deals in technological innovation. Through these monumental innovations, Securus Technology has been able to improve on communications, information access, information collection as well as improving the lives of inmates and their loved ones. All this has even been made possible by the able leadership skills of Rick Smith, the companies CEO.

It is certainly notable that Rick Smiths contribution to Securus Technologies has ensured that they set the pace in their niche market. The acquiring of JPay Inc. by Securus Technologies ensured and asserted their rapid growth in their segments of specialization such as payments, inmate tablets, corrections as well as email. JPay is without a doubt the leading provider of inmate tablet products, payments as well as emails. The convinience that JPay’s technology offers to the inmate world is immense, specifically because it allows correctional agency’s ability to stop crime, be able to reduce recidivism as well as reduce waste.

This impeccable growth of Securus Technologies can be linked with the great leadership skills of Rick Smith, who remains motivated to providing great solutions to prisons. Securus Technologies has ensured that prisoners are now able to communicate with their loved ones at extended timeframes, owing to the fact that safety has been enhanced by these systems. This is because technology provided by Securus Technologies ensures great communication without physical contact as was the case with traditional face to face mode of communication. This then saves on prison money as they do not need a lot of security presence whenever an inmate is communicating with outsiders.

Securus Technologies ability to collect prison data has seen to it that the criminal justice system amicably tracks inmates and are also are able to read patterns in inmates data. This ability allows them to better solve crimes and be able to assist local law enforcers for great service delivery.

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