Susan McGalla In Support of More In-house Sponsorship and Mentoring Programs in Companies

For many women, it is hard to climb the ladder of success in the corporate world, and it is no secret. There are many companies out there that have women leaders for sure, but still, the ratio of men leaders falls far behind. The glass ceiling problem is something that cannot be ignored in the corporate world as it exists and has been there for many years now.

Susan McGalla, former CEO and President at Wet Seals Inc and American Eagles respectively and currently holding the post of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Planning at Pittsburgh Steelers, say that women should be encouraged in the corporate companies to go out there and win what they deserve. The lack of sponsorship and mentoring is what has led to the decline in the women leading the leadership positions in the industry.

Susan McGalla, in an interview, talked about how she grew up with her brothers getting no preferential treatment at all. It hardened her and helped her develop a mindset that you have to stand up for yourself, regardless of whether your opponent is men or women. Susan McGalla has helped the companies she has worked with get considerable gains from her leadership roles and guidance. It is what has helped Susan McGalla become an inspiration to many young girls out there who are looking to wear the same shoes when they enter the real world after completing education. Susan McGalla says that girls should take their studies very seriously and must not compromise on that for anything as it is what would lead the way to a better future.

Susan McGalla says that the companies should start having mentoring programs in-house, which would help women to know which direction to go and where to invest their time more. There are many deserving women out there, who are not able to move ahead due to lack of guidance. Susan McGalla says that with the help of mentoring and sponsorship, it would become much more comfortable for the deserving women professionals in life to move ahead in their life and achieve their occupational goals.

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