Securus Gives Louisiana State Prison Inmates a Reason to Smile In the Face of Adversity

No one really knows when a disaster will strike. When it does, however, it comes with so much anxiety and fear for our loved ones. At such times, communication takes prominence over most other necessities.


I give Securus Technologies a thumbs-up for yet again putting the interests of incarcerated people and their loved ones before everything else. Although unfortunate, the recent floods in Louisiana State have shown all of us who the real friends of inmates are. Thanks to the leader in provision of technological solutions to the justice and correction service, people who have their friends or relatives incarcerated at Louisiana State Prison can keep in touch with them – all for free.


Keeping In Touch Everyday


Every inmate will get a chance to talk with loved ones, every day for a week since the first day of September 2016. Therefore, they will get a chance to catch up and know how everyone is fairing on both sides of the line and remove any anxiety and stress. This proves Securus’ dedication in ensuring comfort and peace of mind for inmates and their kin through one of the most effective means—communication.


Further Assistance


The communication technologies company will be spending over $300,000 in connecting the free calls. As if that’s enough, the Louisiana Department of Corrections will receive another $50,000 which will be channeled into the inmates welfare funds. If that is not proof enough for selfless service, then I am not sure what is.


Securus is not new to helping incarcerated people escape their plight. Since it was founded in 1986, the Dallas-based company has provided communications solutions services to more than 2,600 correction centers throughout the United States. It also has investment in communication technologies, acquisitions, and patents worth over $600 million.

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