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The IoT (Internet of Things) revolution has enhanced the capabilities of today’s evolving technologies. Eric Pulier of the emerging technology exploration venture, vAtomic Systems, continuously share highlights of how IoT developments have positively transformed human life. With his philosophies intertwined with the fate of a technology-centric age, where IoT is an instrumental framework for bolstering efficient processes; Pulier isn’t wasting any time inspiring an audience. This futurist, philanthropist/life coach, columnist/author, investor, and business magnate has charted an incredible journey exploring the anatomy of IoT.

From brainstorming software technology innovations to becoming the chief architect of a historical exhibit, Pulier isn’t the average visionary. He designed the “Bridge to the 21st Century,” a project proposed by a former American president, Bill Clinton, in 1996. With it, educators, learners, parents and all Americans witnessed monumental strides in economic development through exploration. Even as a youngster, Pulier, challenged his brilliant mind to bring about transformative change through technological innovations. He’d developed an impressive skill set and technology intelligence beyond his time.

Having realized how modern businesses rely on data science to drive productivity and shape entrepreneurial success. Pulier launched a database manager that realized long-term growth during his high school senior year. This hallmarked him as a young emerging entrepreneur, following a Harvard admission, where Pulier gained further recognition. He contributed several publications to The Harvard Crimson (school newspaper) as a junior editor and columnist. His education at Harvard had a rich focus on American Literature, at which time, he also studied at MIT.

It’s often perceived that Mr. Pulier has the “Midas touch” in business. He’s a well-cultured professional and entrepreneur who has cultivated meaningful expertise in multiple areas. Although entrepreneurship remains a key interest, Pulier remains dutifully committed to philanthropy as well. His numerous projects fulfilled at the nonprofit, XPrize Foundation, where he’s among the decision-making body, chronicles an extraordinary learning experience.

Similarly, Pulier has deployed his creative skills to positively transform communities. His summer retreat, “The Painted Turtle,” conjure up smiles from chronically ill children, given a rare opportunity to create fulfilling memories. Akana, ServiceMesh, People Doing Things and Desktone are just a handful of entrepreneurial startups conceived by Pulier. He’s newly established startup, vAtomic Systems, transcends the age of modern interaction, a commingling of the digital and physical experiences.

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