Deputy Assemblyman José Manuel González Is Trying To Get Help For Venezuela

Venezuela is in serious trouble. The country with the richest oil reserves in the world has no money. Citibank just closed the Central Bank of Venezuela’s account, so Nicolas Maduro and his socialist dictatorship are all alone, and it appears Maduro wants to keep it that way, according to the current Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico, José Manuel González. José Manuel González has been trying to get the attention of other assemblymen in other states that support Maduro, and he has exhausted his political clout in the process. Maduro has put up roadblocks for José Manuel González, and other assemblymen that do want to get Maduro out of office as soon as possible. There is a petition circulating in the country that is calling for a recall, but the government is dragging their feet, and missing deadlines. The government is saying that the opposition coalition, of which José Manuel González is part of, should be disqualified as a political party.

José Manuel González is not only a state assemblyman, but he is also an agriculture businessman. He is well-liked in his state, and his followers are standing behind him as he tries to help remove Maduro from office. Maduro has done little to help the country since he took office after the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013. According to José Manuel González, Maduro was not equipped to lead the country in good times, and in the current bad times, his policies are making things worse. González said his state, Guárico, was once a prosperous farming area, but Maduro put an end to that when he confiscated farms. Those farms are not producing food anymore. González told the National Assembly that the drop in oil prices didn’t create the situation in Venezuela, Maduro’s policies and lack of leadership did.

González is trying to get help from Colombia and Brazil, but so far Maduro has refused to listen. Instead of asking for help, he ordered the military to control the ports and to distribute food. Venezuela has become a socialist dictatorship and military state. But González believes help will come. He is not stopping his quest to remove Maduro from office, and millions of people are behind him in that endeavor.

The allure of Nizan Guanaes

The current world is turning out to be a very competitive environment. All products and services in the market should stay ahead of its competitors or face the cruel wrath of extinction. Advertising is the process of informing consumers about the availability of a product through mass media like televisions, radio and newspapers. The product or service offered should be presented in a form which is appealing to consumers.

Nizan Guanaes is the co-founder and partner of ABC group. This is a Brazilian holding company that specialises in advertising, entertainment, content sectors and marketing services. Since its formation, the company grew rapidly and in less than ten years, it was the nineteenth biggest marketing communication group in the whole universe.

All Brazilians accept that Nizan Guanaes is a born trailblazer and entrepreneur. He is one of the most prominent people in Brazil; Financial times actually ranked him as the fifth most important person in his country.

Nizan Guanaes love for his beloved country has pushed him to dedicate several hours of his time to social issues that are directly related to entrepreneurship, education and the preservation of the Brazilian culture.

All Multinationals are all aware of his leadership qualities. He was chosen as UNESCO goodwill ambassador and a representative of UNAIDS high-level commission on prevention of HIV. He is also a member of Clinton Global Initiative, Women in World Foundation and World Economic Forum.

In 2008, Nizan Guanes was named as Ernst and young entrepreneur of the year. This was followed by communication entrepreneur of the year in 2009 by ISTOE magazine. In 2010 he was named “poder ABC business award” by the poder magazine. It is evident that Nizan is humble, we decorated and patriotic individual. His goal is to ensure that Brazilians live better lives than they are currently.

The Benefits Of Using Visual Search Technology


Imagine if you could identify virtually any product just from a picture of it. Well, now that is possible, if you have a product recognition app on your smartphone. Various companies have begun to make apps that allow for the identification of products based on a picture. The app recognizes the image, and then it provides the user with not only the name of the product but information about it. This information can help you to determine whether or not the product is of high quality, and it can help you to compare the product to other brands of similar products.

The salesperson for a product will be likely to give you biased information about it, because they are trying to sell the item. However, in the past, the salesperson may have been the only source of information regarding the item. Now, thanks to product recognition apps, this never has to be the case. With unbiased information, it is easier to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase an item.

Furthermore, having this app can prevent you from being gouged by an unscrupulous salesperson. If you notice that the product is being priced higher than the typical price given by your product recognition app, you can be pretty sure that you aren’t getting a good deal on it. For business owners, this can help you to protect your bottom line.

While there are many different product recognition apps that you can get nowadays, there is a provider of this app that has an extraordinary reputation. Slyce is a very well known provider of this product recognition technology, and their apps can help you to identify a truly extraordinary number of products. The app provided by this company has been rated very highly by those that have used it, and there are many good reviews of their product. Furthermore, the product that is available from Slyce helps you to identify products in a wide range of different ways. For instance, if you happen across a billboard, you can take a picture of it for Slyce to identify it. You also can run coupons by Slyce, and this can allow you to learn more about the product that is being offered. This can help you to determine whether or not it truly is a bargain. For online businesses, you can use Slyce to simply snap a photo of a product, and you can list it with their app. This takes away the headache of having to create the listing.

Danilo Diaz Granados Pulls off an Action-Packed Day on Air, Land, and Sea

This July, the co-founder of TOYS for BOYS, Danilo Diaz Granados, organized an amazing event for wealthy guest in Miami. The summer’s event featured helicopter rides, mouth-watering cuisine, racetrack, exclusive previews, Dom Perignon’s bottles, as well as a sunset boat ride. Since the inception of TOYS for BOYS in 2013, Diaz Granados has organized several fantastic events for the noble guests.

Granados said on Twitter that the main aim of organizing the event was to give guests a chance to connect with art, entertainment, and cuisine in a Miami’s extravagant style. Referring to the fantastic sites in Miami and unique products availed by TOYS for BOYS, he said that men in Miami had a place they can find high-quality products and memorable experience.

July’s event

A few handpicked guests at this summer’s event enjoyed an intimate breakfast at a restaurant called Dame Zaha Hadid located at the One Thousand Museum Sales Center. After the breakfast, they were given an exclusive preview of the highly-awaited residential building in Miami’s Upscale Biscayne neighborhood. Together with Granados, the guests embarked on a 30-minute helicopter trip to the Palm Beach Race Track. At the Palm Beach Race Track, each guest had an opportunity to drive the track.

The guests were treated to yet another helicopter ride to the River Yacht Club, welcomed with Dom Perignon Champagne, then sumptuous lunch. The final activity of the day was a sunset boat ride. Technomar and Van Dutch were the spores of boat ride by availing their newest boats for testing. Together with his business allies, Granados collaborated with prominent organizations and firms to pull off a successful day on air, land, and sea.

Danilo Diaz Granados

Granados attended Babson College and graduated with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. After graduating, he started a private company in Miami, Florida. He specialized in offering investment advice to both individual and corporate clients. He oversees daily operations and investment strategies of his two companies: Toys for Boys and Edge of Glory Films. According to CrunchBase, Granados carries out thorough environmental research and obtains information on demographic, innovative, and social factors that are likely to affect business. He uses the findings of his investigations to help investors in making informed investment decisions.

The Future of New York Shared Office Spaces


It is a proven fact that people work better in coworking spaces. These spaces allow for many people to be working and sharing information in close proximity such as a communal setting. Researchers have long suspected this to be the case, and it has finally been proven that people really do feel and work better in a shared office space. When it comes to these shared spaces, people feel that their work is really being seen by others and it allows them to witness first hand the impact that their actions are having. The isolated world of a cubicle or traditional office setting really separates people from their products and that is not conducive to a working environment.

Most shared workplaces mix people of different backgrounds and jobs so that there is little to no competition between people for the same positions, promotions, or titles. Because of this, it is easier to lend a hand to a coworker who may be struggling, without worrying that your job could be on the line. This creates a very strong feeling of community that can really help with productivity. When someone is working from home, they are completely detached from the work they are doing and the people that they are working with. But working in a shared office space allows them to create their community of trust and assistance that allows each person’s individual talents to shine.

A shared work place gives people more control. When they have more control they feel more satisfied with their job because there is less rigidity in their position. These types of offices often hold events and training sessions and other less strict meetings that allow the different people working in the office to meet and interact in different settings. This enhances the feeling of community and gets people excited about upcoming projects and deadlines.

WorkVille NYC utilizes the coworking model to provide Manhattan offices for rent. With large windows and bright modern interiors, you might think that this was a luxury hotel, but really it is your office space. WorkVille NYC is amazing at creating beautiful offices that people really love to work in. They try to offer their workers many different places to work such as cafes, terraces, and many different types of lounge areas. This creates a welcome environment that makes people want to be productive and enthusiastic about their work. And the fresh coffee around the clock definitely adds to the positive experience.

Securus Technologies Pinpoints Global Tech Links Company’s Wrongdoings and Integrity Breaches

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that is leading in Providence of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. It offers solutions for investigations monitoring, public safety as well as public safety. The company has also announced that it will release numerous press releases to highlight the wrongdoings as well as the integrity breaches of Global Tel Link Corporation. This news release represents the very initial press release article about the integrity violations associated with the inmate Global Tech Link.

The CEO of Securus Technologies, Mr. Richard A. Smith, says that he loves this kind of industry that his company belongs because it serves as a correction, inmates, friends and family as well as law enforcement for the entire society as a whole. He goes further by saying that he is however offended by this industry because if a company falls below the threshold line of integrity, it will risk being stooped which not the case with Global Tech links. He also says that it is never all about making huge chunks of money. It is all about making happy your highly esteemed customers with the particular kind of services you offer them with their interests kept at heart. This is the right way to have things done by a typical company.

To this close, Securus Technologies will review numerous issues of potential as well as systematic wrongdoings by Global Tech Link Corporation. This is meant to have them make a turn and start acting with higher and better integrity. The biggest mistake they did was inflating charges over the standard rates. They also added fifteen to thirty-six seconds to the all calls to extract money from clients. This was such an unlawful and unauthorized act.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Talk Fusion with Bob Reina


The business world is rapidly growing, and technological advancements are subtly changing how companies carry out their operations. Businesses need to adapt to these changes and utilize the available technology for them to be successful. To make the transition, a company needs a direct selling partner like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a direct selling company that helps businesses increase efficiency in their daily operations.

Talk Fusion is dedicated to changing lives and businesses with their excellent video products as well as creating income opportunities. Videos are rapidly gaining significance as part of firms’ online experience. Companies need to search and reach prospective clients and make themselves distinguishable among their competitors. Talk Fusion help businesses achieve their dreams through making social networking, broadcasting and video conferencing products.

The company helps businesses by adding video to newsletters, emails, online chats, blogs, and webinars among others. Video helps business owners engage and retain their customers as well as attract potential clients. Videos help companies increase their engagement by a rate of 44%. Besides, videos increase the prospects of a consumer buying from a business by 85%. Talk Fusion enables this by helping organizations gain an absolute competitive advantage. Besides, it helps organizations put their brand out to the world and become number one in their industry.

Bob Reina, who is the CEO, founded talk Fusion in 2007. Bob leads Talk Fusion with his natural talent, knowledge and industry expertise. He has experience in marketing for over 20 years, which makes him understand how businesses should approach clients. His leadership skills have continued to earn him an excellent reputation as an initiating leader in the industry. As charismatic as he is, Bob has a great passion for helping others.

Reina is a strong believer in the value of giving back. He believes in giving back to the family, communities, charities and friends all over the world. Bob is an animal lover and participates in activities that aim at caring for animals. He has made over one million dollars donations to help animal causes. With his recent donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, people can access checkups and other services for their pets.

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The Search Fixers Are Here To Save Your Day and Fix Bad Online Reputation


You may be delighted to know that restoring your business’s or brand’s name in the online community is a viable option that is available to you. Why not proceed with the steps that are necessary for you to clear your business’s online reputation if it has been tarnished in any way? Today is the day that you make that decision. The next step you must take is to contact the friendly and always eager to help reputation management consultants at The Search Fixers.

There are a vast array of ways a business may have had their company’s name tarnished. If someone was frustrated with the products and/or services your business provided for them, then it is highly possible they left some sort of negative review or feedback in some online community for anybody to see. In such a case, it is also highly likely that the product and/or service you provided was perfectly fine, but the customer simply did not receive what they expected, and decided to unleash their frustration by typing their thoughts and emotions on the web for just about anybody to see. If this sounds like a circumstance that you have been faced with. Then please do not hesitate to contact The Search Fixers today to fix negative search results. They will be glad to help you with anything you may need in pertinence to restoring your brand’s name again using modern reputation management service tactics.

Whether your business’s name has been left a negative comment or review in an online community, a website, or any other type of database, The Search Fixers may be able to fix bad reviews. The only way you can be sure is to give the professionals of The Search Fixers a call as soon as possible. It is highly recommended for you to have it removed as soon as possible so that you do not have to worry about the “talk” of the negative reviews swirling around in different communities as people may have a fun time “bad-mouthing” your business. Unfortunately, that is a circumstance many business owners have experienced and there are many people who will gladly put a perfectly serving business down when they get the chance. Contact the Search Fixers today to ensure that such a scenario is not an experience of yours.

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Keith Mann And Dynamic Search Partners Raise $22K For Uncommon Schools

Dynamic Search Partners CEO Keith Mann recently raised over $22,000 for Brooklyn’s New School.

The charity event, held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, raised money for student testing in the upcoming school year. Mann and many members of the financial community came together to help the school reach its goal.

The purpose of the Uncommon School is to provide support for low income inner city students who have the goal to attend college. “This is an initiative that we all support to the fullest,” said Keith Mann.

The new school will be opening in Brooklyn this fall. The inaugural school year will have their PSAT and ACT examinations paid for. Mann and his company will put up $10,000 of the money needed to reach the goal.

Mann has a history with the Uncommon Schools that dates back to 2013. The school’s relationship with Dynamic Search Partners is to assist the students to learn skills that they will need in college and beyond.

Mann says his relationship with Uncommon Schools is very rewarding. “These wonderful young people are very determined to make something of their lives.” Mann says he has sat in on a number of activities and in classroom settings to see how the seniors are advancing.

Keith Mann is one of the most popular and successful businessmen in New York City. His company Dynamic Search Partners has worked for over 15 years to place highly-qualified executive staff to companies around the world.

His company was founded after he discovered that hedge fund industry was vastly undeserved in the executive community. Today, he has offices in New York, Europe and Asia. His company has placed well over 200 clients in the last year.

Uncommon Schools also has chapters in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Several more are slated to be opened in the next two years.

Philip Diehl Discusses the U.S. Money Reserve

Philip Diehl who is the current President of the U.S. Money Reserve and the former U.S. Mint Director recently sat down with EPN’s Enterprise Radio to talk about the future of the US Money Reserve. The host of the radio talk show, Eric Dye wanted to discuss not only Diehl’s credentials in economics and in leadership, but also his opinion on the future of the gold standard. Eric Dye was excited to talk to Mr. Diehl as he is known to be one of the most successful U.S. Mint Directors. Mr. Diehl is responsible for the 50 States Quarter program and is also known to be the first director who issued the first ever government-issued platinum coin. Eric Dye wanted to learn more about the transformation of the U.S. Mint during the time of Mr. Diehl’s tenure.

Philip Diehl stated during this interview that the secret of his success was the transformation of this poorly run government enterprise into a full functioning business.  Diehl’s technique to run a government sector like a business has not only improved client satisfaction, but also customer satisfaction.

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Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum

As the current leader of the U.S. Money Reserve, Mr. Diehl has applied his entrepreneur skills to this branch as well. As the government’s current distributor in metal bullion as well as in gold and coins, Diehl has put 110 percent into the management of this sector. As of this year, the U.S. Money Reserve even became the the self-directed precious metals IRA program. What this means is that customers can store away physical gold and other precious metals in order to wait for the best price in the near future. Mr. Diehl fully recommends this method of saving money from US Money Reserve because metals such as gold, silver, and platinum coins are fully backed by the United States government.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 as the largest distributor of government-issued precious metals. This has become a great way for clients of this distributor to diversify their portfolio. This Austin-based distributor has already attracted hundreds of thousands of clients that wish to save some of their most valuable assets. As Philip Diehl is now the head of this distributor, Mr. Diehl has already been attracting thousands of new customers to this enterprise.

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