The Secrets Behind The Success Of Nine9

Anthony Toma is the originator of Nine9 The UnAgency, a different actor, and model representation firm. Toma is a renowned entrepreneur, with a myriad of successful ventures under his portfolio. He has business in the entertainment and services sectors and is an ardent believer in giving everyone an equal opportunity in the pursuit of success.

Nine9 was conceived in the most unlikely of places. Toma was still working as a grocer when he decides to add an established business to his vast collection. In the process, he crossed paths with a modeling agency located in Orlando, Florida. He purchased the franchise, and immediately started efforts to get acquainted with it. At first, the company hit the rocks, with investors backing down. However, Anthony did not give up and reinvented the firm as Coral Reef Productions, which later morphed into Nine9.

Like most working individuals, Toma starts his day by taking kids to school. Afterward, he looks for inspiration by listening to relevant audios on his way to the office. At the office, he carries out daily jobs like reading mail and evaluating trends in social media. Occasionally, he meets up with top executives at Nine9 to deliberate the way forward and what nine9 knows.

Before implementing an idea, Toma jots it down. He then brainstorms to examine the viability of his thoughts. After deliberating with his mind, he presents it to colleagues at work. Here, they assess the idea, ironing out any shortcomings and adding others where necessary. After thorough scrutiny, the idea is ready for execution and nine9 of Twitter.

As an entrepreneur, Toma has learned of the invaluable necessity of listening to others. By lending an ear, businesspersons can avoid repeating mistakes and come up with better success strategies and more information click here.

About Nine9

Nine9 The UnAgency was established with an objective to provide a second chance to prospective actors who have been turned down by other agencies. Since its inception, the firm has restored hope in numberless individuals, who previously had nowhere to turn to after being rejected.

Treatments by Clinicians Now a Reality as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Partnership with Nanthealth and Allscripts Launches Clinical Pathways

All men are prone to making error, and medical practitioners are not exempted. Error-making in the medical profession can be fatal, and since there is no replacement for lost of lives, preventive measures must be put in place. That way, error-making can be completely eliminated or at least reduced it to the barest minimum. Cancer Treatment Centers of America decided to spare head this noble course by teaming up with NantHealth and Allscripts initiating a custom oncology treatment platform referred to as Clinical Pathways.

According to Wikipedia, the whole idea hinges on putting together a comprehensive technical solution that makes available to clinicians at all times results of most recent researches, treatment regimens and complementary therapies. This medical data bank is accessible even at the point of administering treatments to patients. Clinicians now can verified and update their knowledge just with the press of a button. The possibility of errors is thus drastically reduced. Also, practitioners and patients confidence in the treatment options administer is sure to be boosted as a result. The fear element in patients that most times militate against the healing process after treatment is eliminated or grossly reduced.

This medical breakthrough is unbelievable some few years back. Then only few people, mostly members of CTCA, could believe the possibility of putting together a comprehensive oncology treatment platform that provides easily available vital data at the point of treatment administration.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is saddled with the responsibility of addressing cancer issues among adults with patients from different parts of the world including the United States. It is a network of five international-standard hospitals spread across the US. CTCA has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla with branches in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa and Atlanta.

The quality level of health care services provided by CTCA remains unquestionable. In fact there is hardly a year without most of the five hospitals emerging among the top 10. CTCA incorporates integrative approach to health care with advance genomic testing, precision cancer treatment, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation in combination with supportive therapies.

For more information on CTCA follow them on Twitter.

Highland Capital

Highland Capital: Getting Quality Investment Advice


Are you planning to learn how to invest wisely, or are you seeking investment management service? Perhaps you are interested in building a sound relationship with a team of trusted investment and financial services experts who is well recognized in the industry.


Highland Capital is an established investment and financial advisory firm that provides satisfactory service to clients. The company has a great team that takes the time to ensure excellent guidance on investment and money management matters.


Many people around the world go online searching for a great way, or profitable ways to invest and reap huge returns on their investment. Whether you are a thinking about starting your own investing endeavor or you are already going through the process, it is important to have a reliable team of advisors on your side.


Highland Capital Management has a proven track record in the industry and comes highly recommended. Highland Capital has the resources and skills to meet your investment needs and can help you grow your investment portfolio. If you are searching for a team of professionals to help you on your quest for investing success, then get in touch with Highland Capital Management right away.


The advice and guidance provided by Highland Capital and its team of advisors have helped many different entrepreneurs, individuals, businesses and organizations to learn how to handle their financial issues, and start investing effectively.


Like all wealth managers, investment advisors have to go undergo regular training. They are usually involved in financial advisory and money management, and they are required to comply with the relevant rules and regulations.


Look for financial advisers or investment professionals who are certified and experienced. Once they are licensed, they often get additional training or education on different areas of financial planning and asset management.


You can learn financial management tactics and investment strategies that yield significant returns. Get expert assistance and take steps toward efficient money management and investing success. There are many lucrative opportunities available, so get in touch with Highland Capital to learn more about their services and how you can get started.


The Wild and Effective Career of Eric Pulier

If you wanted to make it in the world of technology and business then you had better be prepared to diversify, push yourself, and pray that you are in the right place at the right time. For Eric Pulier, a Harvard grad and tech legend, the business world has been nothing but good to him. Eric Pulier is a name that has flown under the radar in terms of public perception but he has been almost a legend within the tech world. Let’s break down the wide, varied, and creative career of Eric Pulier.


To get the real measure of a business legend like Pulier you have to go back to the beginning. Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey where he would become a tech mastermind by the fourth grade — when he first started programming computers. By high school graduation in 1984, Pulier was already running his own database computer business. The next step was college and Pulier was a runaway hit at Harvard where he was both a prolific writer and renowned for his tech savvy.


After graduating from Harvard it was time for Pulier to move to the coast and pursue his career in the tech world. Pulier’s found most of his success as an entrepreneur and with one business in particular: XPrize. XPrize is as much of a business as it is a foundation that churns out startups that are borderline revolutionary. XPrize was founded with the intent of giving tech based companies the chance to push the limits with their work and be rewarded for it. XPrize has been a huge part of various innovative technologies up to and including actual space travel. Wild stuff for a guy from New Jersey!


When you get past the techno-entrepreneurial work and head to philanthropy you will see why and where Pulier really shines. Eric Pulier runs the Painted Turtle camp which is a special camp for children suffering from chronic and recurring illness. This camp helps to give these troubled children the chance to enjoy a summer just like anybody else their age and for that, Eric Pulier, we salute you.


Young Innovator Sawyer Howitt

Currently a student from Lincoln High located in Portland, Oregon, Sawyer Howitt has made quite a name for himself. The young entrepreneur is considered to be one of the brightest young minds in the field. In just a short time he has built an impressive resume that has brought him quite a bit of attention. At a very young he has demonstrated the ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business.

At young age of 17, Sawyer Howitt has set a number records as a project manager and a successful entrepreneur. Working for his father’s company Meriwether Group, Howitt has successfully managed projects giving entrepreneurs a number of great tools. Howitt was part of a team that worked to begin a combination of Internet protocols that use RFID tags along with code set to transmit data to various databases. Ultimately this was an very innovative technology that brought lots of praise from customers.

Howitt’s work has been recognized by many. He has proven that he is an inventor and a innovator at heart. He is one of the leading up and coming minds in the entrepreneurial space. His work should be around for many more years to come.

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The USHealth Group Offers Customized Insurance Coverage

One of the most difficult situations in life for many people is dealing with a serious illness or sickness. The circumstances surrounding a serious illness or sickness is different for each individual. However, all people face difficult times related to any serious medical condition. Although there are many things that impact people going through a time of sickness, one of the things that affects most people to an extensive degree is the cost associated with any prolonged illness or sickness.

Medical cost is one of the biggest concerns that many people have in their lives. One serious medical situation can cause a lot of problems for most people. An illness or sickness that results in people having to have a long hospital stay or a lot of medical tests can cost a tremendous amount of money.

The vast majority of people living in the world cannot afford to pay for huge hospital bills on their own. As a result, many people look to insurance coverage that will pay for all or most of the cost associated with a serious health issue. One of the most common ways that people lose their homes, money, or jobs is through battling a serious medical condition that leaves them without a job and not enough money to pay for their hospital and medical bills. See also.

The USHealth Group insurance company located in Texas offers insurance coverage that is structured to help people looking for insurance related to a sickness or disease. Many people who find themselves with a sickness or disease do not have the insurance coverage to help them with specific medical health problems. The USHealth Group insurance company gives people who have certain defined health needs the opportunity to have insurance that can help them in case they incur a medical problem that results in huge hospital or medical bills.

The insurance industry is a very competitive industry that provides insurance to millions of people covering a wide range of insurance types. One of the insurance companies that is helping a lot of people find insurance to help with a specific sickness or disease is the USHealth Group.

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Adam Goldenberg: An Entrepreneur With An Aim For Fashion Industry

Recently a famous fashion industry is announced that they are soon going to rebranded and that’s because the rising number of customers with a huge success, Adam Goldenberg along with his team decided that it would be wise if they come up with a name. A name that would effectively help people to enjoy the luxury of the fashion industry which once was like a dream to them due to the heavy cost of the branded items.

Once to the media, Adam Goldenberg said that he along with Don and Kate co-founded JustFab and right after the inauguration they realized that it wouldn’t be an easy task to achieve because of the presence of giants in the same industry. But despite sit down, they worked very hard and planned to come up with a solution that would be unique and give them a superiority over other fashion industry firm and that’s how they came up with reverse showroom technique that they applied in their business and they saw that they achieved what they were waiting.

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

They have stayed true to their vision of helping everyone to enjoy the liberty of fashion industry to try according to their need and necessity. And by traveling many ups and downs on the road to success, JustFab transformed itself into a strong brand-building platform which is driven by personalization and data. CEO for JustFab, Adam Goldenberg once said to the media that their corporate identity captures the real essence of digital marketing and reverse showroom technique. It is a platform where Fashion Avenue and Silicon Valley interlinked and they are working hard to hold this correlation as much as they can so that middle class can also take the benefit to enjoy quality branded products

In the past, JustFab has criticized by different another competitor to made them dishearten so that they can leave the industry because they were afraid of the leadership that JustFab has. But they did not even think for a microsecond to leave the road. Instead, they started the vigorous attack by offering a quality product to their customer, and that’s how their rival firms realized that they couldn’t find a determined individual such as Adam Goldenberg to move an inch from his aim. That’s how JustFab rises from the grass root level and soar high in the sky, and now it holds a major percentage of customers who are keen on trying new fashion apparel and accessories.

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A New Product Is Born – EOS Start Up

When looking at lip products, you used to find yourself looking at cylinder tubes with limited flavors or even designs to pick from. The joy of using one of these products for lip care just wasn’t around. That’s where EOS comes in to bring color and flavors to the beauty product aisle!

About a decade ago, Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder of EOS lip balm, was working his regular job and taking care of some stocking items. He got to the beauty aisle where it struck him that lip care companies were being lazy and they all seemed to look the same. Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky joined Mehra and brainstormed ideas for ways to make a new product so lip balm was more appealing.

With research and asking around, they gathered information for the perfect item. EOS lip balm is an orb shaped container with bright colors for each different flavor. The grooves and texture make it feel different from the basic tube of lip balm. The different flavors give everyone a variety to pick from so you can engage your senses.

This Well-known product not only stood out for its unique shape, bright colors, or selection of flavors to pick from. It is also organic and contains many beneficial ingredients to keep lips feeling soft and smooth. Today’s generation looks for products specifically like EOS because they are more Earth friendly and natural. People are getting away from long lists of ingredients and welcoming shorter lists of natural ingredients that do the job as well or better.

With over 7 million fans on Facebook, EOS has taken over a good part of the lip balm market with its natural and sensory appealing product. It stands out in many ways by meeting the high standards and requirements set by the millennial generation for new organic and earth friendly products

NuoDB Technology

NuoDB is the technology of database management system that provides customers with scalable and flexible database foundation that is needed to keep up with the demands and pace of the business environment. Because of its focus on the cloud technology, NouBD provides consumers with the impeccable combination of NoSQL databases and traditional relational databases.
Also, NuoDB’s SQL is the most flexible and cost-effective database that can meet the current demand of the world business. It incorporates the features that help with the scaling out of the processes found in the cloud computing environments. The application programs involve in the environments communicate with the NuoDB’s SQL statements the same way they do with the relational database.
However, the architecture of NouBD diverges from the approaches that are used by the relational database. It uses a three-tier structure that comprises of transactional, storage, and administrative tiers. The technology of NuoDB also uses a layered approach, which implies that NuoDB technology can operate without close coupling of data and applications on the same disk drive. Moreover, the technology of NuoDB divides the elements of data into software objects known as atoms. The design of the database is based on the design of the durable distributed cache, which uses the sets of in-memory caches to ensure elasticity within the cloud.

How Stephen Rotella’s Career has Impacted the Finance World

Stephen Rotella is a finance expert who has built his career for the past 30 years. He has acquired sufficient knowledge in operational and strategic leadership in the provision of financial services. Rotella is an expert in areas such as retail, asset management and internet banking. Apart from his career undertakings, he has devoted himself to working with the disadvantaged groups in the community, which are associated with art. His work has had a great impact, and it is greatly appreciated by many people.

Rotella has made many significant accomplishments in his career. He was hired by Washington Mutual to serve as the chief operating officer in the mid-2000s. Stephen Rotella has ample experience in handling operations in brokerage, mutual funds, and banking sectors. He spent a better part of his careers working for Chemical Bank, which was later changed to JPMorgan Chase. The company first hired him as a regular staff member, and he was promoted after a few years due to his excellent performance. The bank made him in charge of the main operation integrations in the country and read full article.

The finance expert was once the CEO of Chase Home Finance. This position assisted him in showing his ability to help in bettering the community and offer affordable lending services. While at Chase Home Finance, he made significant efforts in expanding homeownership. Rotella was also hired by Mortgage Bankers Association and served as the Consumer Mortgage Coalition’s president.

In 2005, he joined WMI Holdings Corporation and was appointed to act as the chief operating officer. He served the company until October 2008. Rotella had excellent knowledge on the functioning of the firm, and this facilitated its success. He understood the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise and assisted it in developing strategic plans that were essential in the bettering the bank’s daily operations. Stephen was in charge of supervising critical section at the firm such as commercial lending, retail banking and home loans. He has used his outstanding knowledge and experience to make positive changes in the finance and banking sectors. Stephen Rotella was once the chair of BalletMet, which is recognized among the leading Columbus-based art enterprises and Stephen of Website.