Nestle Purina Changes Recipes For Their Beneful Dry Dog Food

Dog owners are following the current trend of feeding their dogs with food that has familiar ingredients. Recently, critics scrutinized Beneful, a popular dog food brand. The brand, which entered the market in 2001, is among the top dry dog food brands. Over 14 million dogs are fed on the dry dog foods every year.

Some bloggers have pointed out on the dangers of propylene glycol, one of the ingredients used in making dog food. The FDA has approved the ingredient, which is usually confused with ethylene glycol, for human and dog consumption. The use of the colorful dyes in Beneful products, which serve to attract people, has also been criticized. Other critics have talked about possible mycotoxins that are commonly found in most of the dry pet foods. In all fairness, the European Union and the FDA allow the use of small levels of mycotoxins. This is because small levels of the same are not considered a health concern, as they are available in agricultural crops.

These concerns were raised in the beginning of 2015 after plaintiffs brought a class action suit against the parent company, Nestle Purina. Nestlé Purina PetCare reported that the case is still pending in court as the class action lawyers have repeatedly changed the allegations. According to the firm, the class action team has never produced any form of evidence to back up their claims. The company posited that they did not intend to settle the case. This information was originally reported on Huffington Post as highlighted in the following link

In the meantime, Purina has reformulated their dry dog foods. The research and development team of the PetCare Nutrition, which is headed by Janet Jackson, is responsible for developing the innovations on Purina products. The vice president of Marketing, Juli Plassmeyer who is in charge of a marketing team of 35 members has been in the marketing industry for more than 23 years. Miss Juli and Miss Jackson stated that the new formulas for Beneful are unrelated to the suit given that they have been in development for more than two years. Purina has created new recipes for their dry dog food. In their eight recipes, they have added real meat and salmon. After listening to the concerns of their customers, the company has done away with sugar and propylene glycol.


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