Keith Mann Supports Professional Achievement Through new Scholarship

Keith Mann, partnering up with his wife Keely, has turned his attention towards students looking to pursue business careers following college. The founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann has set up the Keith and Keely Man Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This initiative is looking to Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn for promising students in need of financial assistance.

The scholarship has been praised by faculty at these schools for what it can mean for their students. Joe Frick, who works as a guidance counselor at Uncommon Charter High School, has been direct in stating his support for this scholarship that will help students enter into a four-year college when it may not have been financially feasible for them to do so.

This support for higher education in underprivileged students is something born out of Keith’s own experience in the finance sector. There he saw a wealth of talent come out of the most unsuspecting places. With this scholarship initiative, Keith expects that some of Brooklyn’s most promising students can go on to have illustrative careers that can benefit New York’s economy in surprising ways.

In order for students to be considered for the financial assistance this scholarship promises, they must pen an essay, one-thousand words long, about the importance a college education will have to their professional ambitions. Once the applications have been submitted and judged, students will be made aware of the winner before the end of the school year, and they will be the recipient of $5,000 in financial assistance that will go towards their college education.

Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, which was formed in 2001. Dynamic Search has partnered with hedge funds and investment firms in need of executive searches to provide them with talent needed to fill staff positions.

Aside from his professional life, Keith has been an active philanthropist. He has established personal ties with many organizations in New York City and beyond.

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