Keith Mann Invests in Education with Uncommon Schools in New York City

As a Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann knows that a proper education is the foundation for success. Keith Mann also understands that education is an opportunity not always afforded to everyone, which is why the entrepreneur and his wife, Keely recently launched a new scholarship for graduates from Uncommon Schools, a network that’s committed to the management of public schools across three states.

The aim of Uncommon Schools is to bridge the success gap that exists for students from low income families and foster success that ultimately leads to graduation from college. The aim of this scholarship is to provide one promising student from an Uncommon Schools high school with some financial assistance as they prepare to venture into the next exciting chapter of their life.

In order to apply for the scholarship, students were asked to write a 1,000-word essay. The topic: how earning a college degree will contribute to reaching their professional goals. Identifying potentially strong leaders is a skill that Keith Mann has cultivated over his years with Dynamic Search Partners, and this essay asked those who applied for the scholarship to demonstrate some of the traits that Mann seeks on a day-to-day basis, further preparing applicants to hone their focus as they prepare to enter college.

Of course, Keith Mann’s involvement with Uncommon Schools is nothing new. In March of 2015, Mann hosted a fundraiser for Uncommon Schools at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, which was able to generate over $22,000 for the organization. This newest endeavor for Uncommon Schools takes Mann’s commitment towards education and providing opportunity to those who are brave enough to seek it to the next level.

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