Keith and Keely Mann offer Support to the NYPD

The founder of Dynamic Search Partners Company based in New York, Keith Mann, has shown his support to the NYPD following the violence and protests against the police force in recent times. Keith and his wife Keely made a thanks gesture by buying lunch for the NYPD based in 54th Street in an effort to boost morale rather than the negativity that is surrounding the police force. Keith Mann is personally connected to the New York Police Department since an uncle to his wife is a detective based in Staten Island. Keith Mann stated that the recent protests that resulted in police officers being attacked fell close to his home and he was concerned.


Keith Mann sent lunch for the officers to show his solidarity with them in early January and again on February 9 as one action is often not noticed. He reiterated the fact that the police officers ought to be thanked for their services and not attacked at any one time. Keith pointed out that these police officers also had families and are just human beings like the rest of the people. He explained that police officers are supposed to react in accordance to the instructions they received in their training in certain situations that most civilians don’t encounter. Keith Mann wishes not to see any member of his family or any other family hurt due to careless acts against the police.


About Keith Mann


Keith Mann has over 15 years experience working in the executive search industry. He is a specialist in hedge fund staffing, hiring and compensation strategy. He was formerly a Dynamics Executive Search managing director and was involved in the recruitment on behalf of firms dealing in global financial services. He launched an Alternative Investment Practice inside the Dynamics Executive Search back in 2002. This was after he realized that the hedge fund industry that was rapidly growing was poorly served by the search society.


He expanded this practice to the private equity industry in 2006. In 2009, he established the Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) as a foremost executive search firm that was exclusively dedicated to firms involved in alternative investment. He is the current CEO of DSP and is charged with managing the day-to-day running of the company.


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