Jose AuriemoNeto Has Been an Important Part in the JHSF Growth Recipe

The Brazilian real estate sector is home to world’s top real estate companies. One such firm is JHSF that is headquartered in Sao Paulo. It also has offices in Salvador and Manaus with an international presence in the United States and Uruguay. JHSF is one of the most innovative in the industry as evidenced in its pioneering in hotel operations. Other operations of the firm are development and management of malls, corporations, and an executive airport. It is also very actively involved in high-end commercial and residential properties.


JHSF is unprecedented when it comes to spotting new market opportunities. The company draws this capability from the 45 years it has been in operations. Under the able management of Jose AuriemoNeto, it has recently spotted areas that are most profitable. These areas are those that bring recurring income for the firm. They include managing world-renowned shopping malls, such as CidadeJardim located in Sao Paulo. Other malls include Salvador-based BelaBista, Sao Roque-based CatarinaFashion outlet, and Manaus-based Ponta Negra shopping mall. JHSF has over the years entered into several strategic partnerships to bring high-end properties into the market. They include Valentino and Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Choo, and Hotel Fasano.

Other Ventures

Besides investing in real estate, JHSF has ventured in other sectors that complement the real estate operations. The industries include the energy industry that it operates under the subsidiary, SusnetaEnergia. This company supplies energy solutions at a subsidized rate to the real estate industry. These solutions include energy management, strategic support, and asset leasing services. JHSF has also invested in telecommunications through its subsidiary, Susneta Telecom. This firm offers the shopping malls and corporation sectors with telecommunication solutions. To know more click here.


JHSF has grown its operations to an unmatched level to be recognized in prestigious awards. One of the firm’s buildings created by Daniel Libeskind was voted as one of the three best in the world by American Architects.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto has been a key player throughout his tenure at JHSF. He joined the firm in 1993 and worked in different capacities to his current role of the chief executive officer.

Jose AuriemoNeto attended leading universities like the FAAP and FASE. He studied engineering and business administration.

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