Evaluating Mike Baur’s Contribution in the Partnership between Fusion and Swiss Start up Factory

Swiss Start-Up Factory has announced its latest partnership with Fusion to provide a secure connection between the Swiss Company and its French counterpart. As top service providers of independent accelerators, both companies have made the bold step to forge a formidable partnership to achieve set goals and objectives. The inbuilt accelerators act as a stepping stone to promote the development of startups through prototyping and beta testing before serving the market needs.

The Fintech program is expected to headline the agenda of the comprehensive meeting as well as other ICT topics. Additionally, the tech giants intend to solicit cooperation with universities, mentor exchange programs and shared working space for startups.

Mr. Guillaume Dubray, Founder of Fintech Fusion, has hailed the digital transformation sweeping across the nation. As a leading provider in the IT industry, Switzerland is in pole position to retain and attract new entrepreneurs to spur ICT development in the State. Startups have an array of choices of development programs from coaching platforms to Startup Hubs.

Due to the linguistic variety and regional separation between the two countries, Swiss Start-Up Factory has deemed it necessary to capitalize on such strengths and resources to promote business growth. Such sentiments were echoed by the company’s co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mike Baur, during the announcement ceremony. The partnership is the first of its kind that rises above geographical and linguistic barriers to foster entrepreneurship between the two firms.

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Profile of Swiss Startup Factory

Formed in 2014, the tech company has cemented its status as a premium provider of accelerators to prosperous digital entrepreneurs. The Zurich-based enterprise conducts a three month-Accelerator program that provides essential services such as mentoring, coaching, financing and an all-encompassing entrepreneurial network. The program’s winter group commenced training on January 2016 and is expected to end on 15th April 2016.

Mike Baur in Brief

Mike Baur serves as the co-Founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory. He is credited with steering the company to unprecedented success within a short time. His keen business insight and IT skills have played a vital role in developing the firm into a reputable institution. Baur is a Banking and Finance guru, with a two-decade experience from the Swiss Private Banking Industry.

The Fribourg native commenced his entrepreneurial journey when he formed Swiss Start-Up at the age of 39. Mr. Baur spends most of his free time supporting youth entrepreneurship programs through financial means. Baur is an MBA holder from the University of Rochester New York.

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