Eric Pulier’s Secrets To Success

Eric Pulier isn’t an average entrepreneur. He has developed technology that creatively serves a purpose to helping people. In addition, this Harvard graduate has definitely made a name for himself. He has founded over 15 companies, authored books and articles, and has been invited to speak at exclusive events.

Pulier uses his talents in an interesting way. His knowledge and talent has benefited many underprivileged communities and children with physical illnesses. Pulier created an educational program that was used to educate multiple scoliosis patients about their disease. He also devised a way for children without motor control to use the keyboard on the computer for this multimedia program. He helped innovate healthcare needs with technology in Africa and was honored for that in New York City. He also helped bring cloud computing resources to underprivileged communities as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Pulier is a board member of Painted Turtle. Painted Turtle provides summer camps for children who have life threatening or chronic diseases. These are just a few ways Eric Pulier has helped communities.

Pulier has some great tips on how he stays motivated and productive. Here are a few.

  • Write down ideas. It is a great idea to write down ideas as soon as they come to mind. Always carry a little notebook or have a place where ideas can be written handy. If an idea is written down right away, then it will be difficult to forget.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. I always feel more refreshed and productive the next day when I get a good night’s rest. It doesn’t have to be a solid 8 hours. Even if 5 hours of sleep is enough then make sure to get it.
  • Get some quiet time in. Whether it is in the morning before the kids wake up or at night when everyone is asleep, make sure to get some quiet time to clear the mind, think about things, and destress.

I think these are great ways to be productive and if it works for someone like Eric Pulier then it must work.

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