Duda Melzer; Successful Businessman

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the President of RBS Group, which was founded by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in August 31st of 1957. The company is channeled in the communication industry and is privately owned by the Sirotsky family. Being the President of the company, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer manages the 12 radio stations of the company which are affiliated with Rede Globo, 3 newspapers and also 15 radio stations. Eduardo also operates e.Bricks Digital which is a digital company formed by some technology companies through which the operations of RBS are carried out in the digital media and technology areas, segment e-commerce and mobiles.

Duda carries out fundamental updates to ensure that Rede Brazil Sul Company provides efficient communication channels for individuals in the country. The e.Bricks Digital Company operates in Brazil and the United States with the aspect of providing efficient digital attributes. Duda is also a motivational speaker and a key figure in Brazil, providing knowledge over the attributes of RBS Company. As a privately-owned business, ownership of RBS company is ideally passed on among the family and this allowed Duda to take charge of the company after Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky and Jayme Sirotsky. Eduardo has the obligation of catering for over 6000 employees in the company. He has provided efficient working environment for the employees at the company. Check out Pauliceiadojazzto to know more.

After his commencement as President of RBS, the company has seen a constantly rising revenue cut over the past years for over $ 1.38 billion. This has effectively allowed his company to be at the top while offering favorable competition to other communication companies. Duda has positively managed to head RBS while at the same time managing e.Bricks Digital company. RBS is seeing a stabilized state under the presidency of Duda allowing it to carry out its activities as one of the best communication industries in Brazil. Visit eduardosirotskymelzer.com

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