Don Ressler is a Proven Businessman and Fashion Whiz at JustFab

Don Ressler is a very savvy businessman and entrepreneur. He began his career as a career counselor for companies and individuals who wanted to take advantage of the power of the Internet. He found employment opportunities with Intermix Media. His task at Intermix was to spearhead core ventures that brought greater value to shareholders. Ressler co-founded several companies in the fitness and health and beauty industry that are very successful e-commerce brands.

While at Intermix Media Don Ressler became friends with Adam Goldenberg and when Intermix Media was acquired by another company they decided to team up and start their own company. In March 2010 JustFabulous was born. The name was shortened to JustFab and the company was designed to address a potential blockbuster opportunity. Both men saw online retail opportunities as limitless and put together a business model that included a subscription service, social media and fashion.

Members of JustFab filled out a fashion preference survey and each month a personal stylist would choose several fashion items such as handbags, shoes and accessories according to the member’s preferences for that member at JustFab charged a flat fee for the service and membership grew quickly. To keep up with the growth JustFab partnered with several capital venture firms to supply the necessary funds to grow within the United States and eventually expand to the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

The growth and expansion can be attributed to Don Ressler and his partner Goldenberg and their business expertise, as well as their ability to identify trends. They were well acquainted with the market place and knew how to adapt a business to the strength of the economy. To help grow their company, they added ShoeDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics to their portfolio of holdings.

Fabletics caters to athletic wear and was founded by Ressler, Goldenberg and actress Kate Hudson in 2013 and by 2015 Fabletics was JustFab’s fastest growing label. As a result, Fabletics opened six brick and mortar stores and plans to open another 100 stores within five years.

The philosophy behind JustFab was to allow all women to wear the same fashion forward designs and not just women of means. Ressler and Goldenberg wanted all women to have access to a trendy wardrobe at an affordable cost. The two men are the first to admit they do not know much about fashion, but they know business and how to grab the lion’s share of the market.

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