ClassDojo is Transforming Education by Facilitating Communication at both Schools and Homes

With the increased utilization of laptop and smartphones for communication, ClassDojo has become an instrumental tool for boosting the quality of education. ClassDojo is a unique communication app that enables teachers, parents, and students to converse and share ideas freely. This communication tool avails an ideal way of communicating about student’s curricular activities, social, and behavior development at school.

In the ClassDojo app, the googly-eyed monsters represent the students. However, they can create personalized avatars to represent them. They acquire dojo points every time they display excellent attributes.

What makes ClassDojo an important classroom management app?

  1. Time consciousness

Teachers can leverage the ClassDojo app to save a significant amount of time. Initially, they used to record the checkmarks on books or boards to monitor students’ conduct and achievements, which proved to be cumbersome and ineffective. Today, ClassDojo enables them to do the recording with just a simple click.

  1. Ability to share data

The data sharing ability of ClassDojo helps both teachers and parents to keep track of the students’ actions and behavior. Teachers can create reports on children’s contact and send them to the parents via email.

  1. Making the student orderly and well-behaved

The ClassDojo app is instrumental when it comes to organizing classes. Every student has his or her own unique avatar. Therefore, the teacher can assign a positive or a negative point, depending on the performance of the student.

  1. Improved parental participation

A parent can utilize the communication app to find out if the conduct of his or her kid is consistent in the entire school day. Parents collaborate with teachers in ensuring students are acquiring quality education and benefiting from it.

  1. Instant messaging

This communication app allows teachers and parents to exchange instant messages, especially when the message to be communicated is argent.

  1. Helping students to deal with issues

Parents can help their children to overcome anxiety and lack of confidence by uploading videos of them while in class stories.

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