From Pens To Erasers


Wengie offers a few hints about ways to use objects in the home that you probably haven’t thought about, such as holes on cooking utensils and even the lid of a ballpoint pen. There is a little hole next to the camera on the back of your phone. Many people don’t know what it’s for, and Wengie thought that it was a vent to keep the phone cool. The small hole is actually a microphone. It enhances your speech while you’re talking on the phone to make it easier for the other person to hear you. It takes away the ambient noise around you.


The hole in a pen lid is to stop kids from choking to death if they accidentally inhale the lid or the pen. There are about 100 people who choke to death on pen lids each year because they bite on them while they are at a desk or writing. If the lid is swallowed, the lid will allow air to flow through the hole so that the person doesn’t choke. There are erasers with a white side and a blue side. The blue side is for rubbing out pencil marks on graph paper that is a little thicker than standard notebook paper. Using the white side on this kind of paper will smudge the pencil before it goes away. The blue side will simply remove it without any kind of smudging, preventing any kind of messes that might be made on the paper so that you can start drawing or writing from scratch.