American Institute of Architects; Elevating Architectural Profession

Background Information

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization for architectural profession in the United States. It was established by a group of thirteen architects in 1857 in New York City. The founders aimed at promoting the practical, artistic and scientific profession of its members. The organization headquarters is in Washington DC. Robert Ivy is currently the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of AIA.

AIA is managed by a board of directors. It has over two hundred full-time workers. It has operated with other people of the construction and design team to improve the building industry. The organization has about three hundred state and local components throughout Europe, the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Services Offered

American Institute of Architects provides community redevelopment, education, government advocacy and public outreach to improve the public image of the organization.

The organization offers its members professional development opportunities, personal benefits, professional design information services, client-oriented resources, and contract documents which are the model for the construction and design industry.

The American Institute of Architects raises public awareness regarding the importance of architecture and good design.

Membership Levels

American Institute of Architects has more than ninety thousand licensed architects as members. All members must observe professional conduct and code of ethics. This assures the public, colleagues, and clients that the organization is dedicated to offering quality standards in professionalism.

The membership levels in AIA include;

AIA Architect members. These members are licensed by a licensing authority in the US.

Associate members of AIA. They are not licensed, but they work under the supervision of professional architects. They also consist of individuals who have professional degrees in architecture, interns working towards obtaining a license or members of a university program.

AIA International associate members. They have architecture license from a licensing authority outside the US.

Emeritus members are those that have been in the organization for 15 consecutive years and cannot work in the architecture organization or are above sixty-five years old.

Allied members are those whose careers are related to the design and building sector for example engineers.

The Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) membership honor is awarded to members who have made significant contributions nationally to the profession.

Robert Ivy

Robert ivy has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. He later attended Tulane University and was awarded a Masters of Architecture. In 2011, he was named the CEO of American Institute of Architects.

Dr. Akhil Reddy and his Way to Success and MB2 Dental

Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the dentists working at the widely popular MB2 Dentist Solutions. That is the largest network of dentists in the United States of America.

Dr. Akhil Reddy has dedicated years of his life to his practice. He has been a dentist for about two decades. Dr. Akhil Reddyrom Lubbock, Texas. He used to be most passionate about sports back in school but later in his life he developed a strong interest in medicine. He was a member of the Red Cross as well. Dr. Akhil Reddy decided to pursue an education in dentistry.

Although he was younger than most, Dr. Akhil Reddy joined the Accelerated Dental program of the renowned University of the Pacific. He graduated with flying colors and achieved a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. Dr. Akhil Reddy also went on to pursue a doctorate n dental surgery. When he completed his education, Dr. Akhil Reddy was only at the age of 23 which is about five years younger than the average student.

Upon completing his studies, he started a private practice. Dr. Akhil Reddy established his dental office in Dallas, Texas. His business took a while before his first patient stepped through the door. After that, however, things started going as normal. A couple of years later, Dr. Akhil Reddy began actively working towards the expansion of his private dental practice. He started offering more serves, and that made his business more inclusive than before which, in turn, attracted new patients as well.

Dr. Akhil Reddy became a part of the MB2 Dental Solutions a few years ago. He is one of the most popular dentists of MB2 Dental. He still retains his private dental practice. Often Dr. Akhil Reddy also provides his services as a consultant to the patients of Mb2 Dental Solutions.

MB2 Dental Solutions also offers a beneficial program for dentists. Practitioners with a private business can take advantage of the excellent management that MB2 Dental Solutions has to offer. That is to allow the dentist to use the rest of his time in order to work on their skills and schedule more appointments with patients.

[email protected] Dental Solutions offers the largest network of dentists as well. The network is also a portal to a vast number of opportunities for dentists to amass more experience by working at different locations as well as t collaborate with other experts and make lasting connections in their line of work.

The Outstanding Investment Guidance that is offered by Agoro Financial

Agora Financial is a Baltimore-based private publishing company that has specialized in providing finance commentaries, advice, and marker prediction. It assists individuals who would like to prepare for their retirement by investing their extra earnings to ensure future financial security. Most people lack sufficient knowledge on how to invest and do not want to use brokers who are focused on getting commissions from his saving. Agora Financial is determined to assist people in growing and protecting their wealth. It guides its clients through its free newsletters, online articles, workshops, publications, and documentaries. The services of the firm have benefited more than 1,000,000 individuals who are focused on accumulating and managing their wealth. The company provides more than 20 different types of publications that assist people to attain success in various sections. It offers tips on generating income, finding new companies that will grow rapidly, and strategies for protecting wealth.

Agoro Financial is served by researchers who are transparent and independent. Its analysts visit various high potential investment sites across the world instead of working from their offices. The company invests over $1 million annually in traveling to conduct research and finding emerging investment opportunities that have are not yet reached the main stream. Agoro Financial believes that new ideas are the best investments since people can generate profits as they grow. It helps its clients to buy shares cheaply and enjoy watching as their value rises.

The finance company is served by a team of highly trained experts. They include a geologist who graduated from Harvard, a self-made billionaire, a renowned bond specialist, an ex-banker to the presidents, a best-selling author, a top journalist, a former hedge fund manager, and an award winning movie maker. The professionals predicted the mortgage crisis four years before it happened in 2008, the rise in the price of oil, as well as the development of biotechnology and customized cures.

Treatments by Clinicians Now a Reality as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Partnership with Nanthealth and Allscripts Launches Clinical Pathways

All men are prone to making error, and medical practitioners are not exempted. Error-making in the medical profession can be fatal, and since there is no replacement for lost of lives, preventive measures must be put in place. That way, error-making can be completely eliminated or at least reduced it to the barest minimum. Cancer Treatment Centers of America decided to spare head this noble course by teaming up with NantHealth and Allscripts initiating a custom oncology treatment platform referred to as Clinical Pathways.

According to Wikipedia, the whole idea hinges on putting together a comprehensive technical solution that makes available to clinicians at all times results of most recent researches, treatment regimens and complementary therapies. This medical data bank is accessible even at the point of administering treatments to patients. Clinicians now can verified and update their knowledge just with the press of a button. The possibility of errors is thus drastically reduced. Also, practitioners and patients confidence in the treatment options administer is sure to be boosted as a result. The fear element in patients that most times militate against the healing process after treatment is eliminated or grossly reduced.

This medical breakthrough is unbelievable some few years back. Then only few people, mostly members of CTCA, could believe the possibility of putting together a comprehensive oncology treatment platform that provides easily available vital data at the point of treatment administration.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is saddled with the responsibility of addressing cancer issues among adults with patients from different parts of the world including the United States. It is a network of five international-standard hospitals spread across the US. CTCA has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla with branches in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa and Atlanta.

The quality level of health care services provided by CTCA remains unquestionable. In fact there is hardly a year without most of the five hospitals emerging among the top 10. CTCA incorporates integrative approach to health care with advance genomic testing, precision cancer treatment, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation in combination with supportive therapies.

For more information on CTCA follow them on Twitter.

Young Innovator Sawyer Howitt

Currently a student from Lincoln High located in Portland, Oregon, Sawyer Howitt has made quite a name for himself. The young entrepreneur is considered to be one of the brightest young minds in the field. In just a short time he has built an impressive resume that has brought him quite a bit of attention. At a very young he has demonstrated the ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business.

At young age of 17, Sawyer Howitt has set a number records as a project manager and a successful entrepreneur. Working for his father’s company Meriwether Group, Howitt has successfully managed projects giving entrepreneurs a number of great tools. Howitt was part of a team that worked to begin a combination of Internet protocols that use RFID tags along with code set to transmit data to various databases. Ultimately this was an very innovative technology that brought lots of praise from customers.

Howitt’s work has been recognized by many. He has proven that he is an inventor and a innovator at heart. He is one of the leading up and coming minds in the entrepreneurial space. His work should be around for many more years to come.

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NuoDB Technology

NuoDB is the technology of database management system that provides customers with scalable and flexible database foundation that is needed to keep up with the demands and pace of the business environment. Because of its focus on the cloud technology, NouBD provides consumers with the impeccable combination of NoSQL databases and traditional relational databases.
Also, NuoDB’s SQL is the most flexible and cost-effective database that can meet the current demand of the world business. It incorporates the features that help with the scaling out of the processes found in the cloud computing environments. The application programs involve in the environments communicate with the NuoDB’s SQL statements the same way they do with the relational database.
However, the architecture of NouBD diverges from the approaches that are used by the relational database. It uses a three-tier structure that comprises of transactional, storage, and administrative tiers. The technology of NuoDB also uses a layered approach, which implies that NuoDB technology can operate without close coupling of data and applications on the same disk drive. Moreover, the technology of NuoDB divides the elements of data into software objects known as atoms. The design of the database is based on the design of the durable distributed cache, which uses the sets of in-memory caches to ensure elasticity within the cloud.