The Traveling Vineyard Is A Wonderful Way To Make A Living

The Napa Valley is a great place to visit and spend some time with the people that you care about. You will be able to taste lots of great wines while you are there and see other sights too. The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have made their suggestions on the best places to make sure that you see.

The Auberge Spa

For relaxation and pampering, you want to stop into the Auberge Spa. This spa will give you excellent massages baths. Just let them do their work to make you feel great.

Take In The Napa Art Walk

Taking the Napa Art Walk is fun and exciting. See the great 3-D works that the artists have completed. It will be a couple of hours in the Napa Valley that will be well spent.

Find Time For The Park

What is a better way to spend an afternoon than at the park? Nothing beats having a picnic and relaxing. Watch the wildlife and scenery and get in some great pictures while you are there.

A Cooking Class Is Awesome To Do

Stopping in the Silverdale Cooking School for a cooking class will prove to be wonderful. Make some great foods and pair them up with your favorite foods for everyone that you are traveling with.

Get Ready To Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

You will be able to apply for position of Wine Guide with the Traveling Vineyard on their website. You can apply online, and wait to hear from them. Once you get up and started, you will meet some really, nice people. They will all share the love for wines, and they will want to buy from you. You can make a lot of money doing this do be sure to apply as soon as you can. It may be the most enjoyable work you have ever done. For more info about us: click here.

You Will Make Money As A Wine Guide For The Traveling Vineyard

With the Traveling Vineyard, you will make the money that you want. Setting up your own hours will be part of the job. You will get to be your own boss too.

The company makes it very easy for you to get started. You will have the benefit of a social media presence from them. This will help to generate your leads. You can also use the other people in the company for moral support and assistance with any questions that you might have.

Mark Hutchinson a Man Living Out His Passion

Mark Hutchinson is living the life of his dreams. As a child Mark was drawn to the outdoors, enjoying the gifts of nature. His early memories include spending time fishing, riding horses and rallying sheep to name a few. Being raised in Australia, helped to cultivate his appreciation for nature’s abundance of beauty. As a youngster, Mark knew he wanted to share his vision with others.

Having developed a love for nature at an early age, Mark has traveled extensively as a Young man. Pursuing an education in economics, Mark built a career related to his passion (http// Working in other fields he never abandoned his desire to educate others in an appreciation of nature.

Mark has founded several business ventures, all have been fueled by his love for nature. He has a passion for sharing natures treasures with people of all ages. With a love for nature and his entrepreneurial talents, he has developed a business that offers tours and training. His business includes sharing nature with generations to come.

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