How Richard Mishaan Design Has Innovated Within a City

The team at Richard Mishaan Design have been hard at work over the past several decades in order to establish themselves as one of the premier luxury designers in the city of New York. Richard Mishaan Design was established and is run by Richard Mishaan himself, a visionary within the interior design world as well as one of its most outspoken members. Richard Mishaan cites his education and upbringing as the primary keys to his success.

Walking into a Richard Mishaan Design room can be like walking into the mind of the home owner itself. Richard Mishaan knows that the job of an interior designer isn’t just to leave their mark on the property, but to also leave the mark of the homeowner as well. Mishaan was raised in Colombia as well as Italy where he made a strong first impression with vivid colors and eccentric designs. Italy and Colombia, for those who haven’t been there, are places filled with bright colors and patterns. Mishaan learned early on that he did not like minimalism or monochromatic color schemes.

As an interior designer and the leader of Richard Mishaan Design, Mishaan has taken on the role of making a statement with each room that he puts under his control. Mishaan believes that mixing eras is just the start of making an innovative design pattern. Richard Mishaan Design likes to mix and match colors, patterns, textures and even timelines as they build up their rooms from scratch. Mishaan knows that each room should tell a story and have something to say to the people within it.

Some of Richard Mishaan’s finest work can be found in his home town of New York City. The St Regis Suites were done up by Mishaan’s team in 2010. He has also worked hard on projects all around the world.

Jason Hope has a great perspective in Internet of Things

Jason Hope has a great perspective regarding the Internet of Things. His look into the future is not only amazing, but also very insightful. To think that his outlook into the future is correct, is a little scary, but also so interesting. We already control our general world over the internet now, but to think you could wake up and turn lights on/off and make coffee or even open your doors all by the click of a button. Jason Hope has talked about how it will be our wave of the future sooner rather than later.

Think about how it’s become an every day function for Americans, but imagine the world that’s out there. He goes on to talk about the advancements that using the Internet of Things has made even our bussing system and train system function so much better. Knowing which routes to avoid or something even as simple as routine maintenance or something wrong that can be fixed in such a more efficient way.

It’s become so much more useful, he says, as far as tracking accidents or something as simple as watching cars on the road. What is the busy time? What is the quiet time? This will then help improve our way of travel. Jason has talked about how the Internet of Things is going to change and make our lives easier and more efficient just by using the internet.

Jason has such a perspective into the wave of the future. It’s becoming helpful to modern businesses and even individuals who want the newest and best way to advance their technology uses. Whether it’s for their business or just themselves, his insight and passion for an understanding of technology predicts where the future is headed and how we can use the future of that technology.

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Jason Hope – Well-Known Futurist and a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur and businessman based in Arizona, and over the years has made a fortune investing in different technology start-ups and is at present engaged in developing high-end mobile applications. Jason Hope is a well-known author, philanthropist, and futurist, as well.Presently, Jason Hope has fallen in love with the Internet of Things technology, which Jason Hope believes is going to pave the way for the future. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology would have many applications in different industries that would help with increased performance, energy savings, and increased output reduced waste, and would also prove to be cost-efficient and time-saving.

Jason Hope said that even though millions of people use smart technology today, it would become a thing of the past in the new few years as the Internet of Things hit the shelves. However, he did highlight the importance of companies investing in finding out how the Internet of Things would help with their business. Some of the large scale companies are conducting their research into how the Internet of Things would be helpful for their business and how it can help with generating higher revenue and improve efficiency.

The airline industry is already adopting the Internet of Things technology to help improve the safety in the aviation sector and assist the ground staff to know if there are any faults in the airline’s engine in real time. It would also tell the technician where exactly the problem is, which would be helpful in saving time in not spending hours to locate the actual problem.The Internet of Things is a technology in which different devices, starting from kitchen appliances to home appliances and from office machines to any other gadgets can be synced. It would help in exchange of information between these devices, which would enable the users to program them as per their usage.Jason Hope also donates to the SENS Research Foundation, which is one of the premier research institutions that studies on improving the life expectancy of the person and in reversing the process of aging. Jason Hope believes it is possible to improve the lifespan of the people on an average if there are researches conducted on a molecular level. If you want to learn more about him : Click Here.

The Wild and Effective Career of Eric Pulier

If you wanted to make it in the world of technology and business then you had better be prepared to diversify, push yourself, and pray that you are in the right place at the right time. For Eric Pulier, a Harvard grad and tech legend, the business world has been nothing but good to him. Eric Pulier is a name that has flown under the radar in terms of public perception but he has been almost a legend within the tech world. Let’s break down the wide, varied, and creative career of Eric Pulier.


To get the real measure of a business legend like Pulier you have to go back to the beginning. Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey where he would become a tech mastermind by the fourth grade — when he first started programming computers. By high school graduation in 1984, Pulier was already running his own database computer business. The next step was college and Pulier was a runaway hit at Harvard where he was both a prolific writer and renowned for his tech savvy.


After graduating from Harvard it was time for Pulier to move to the coast and pursue his career in the tech world. Pulier’s found most of his success as an entrepreneur and with one business in particular: XPrize. XPrize is as much of a business as it is a foundation that churns out startups that are borderline revolutionary. XPrize was founded with the intent of giving tech based companies the chance to push the limits with their work and be rewarded for it. XPrize has been a huge part of various innovative technologies up to and including actual space travel. Wild stuff for a guy from New Jersey!


When you get past the techno-entrepreneurial work and head to philanthropy you will see why and where Pulier really shines. Eric Pulier runs the Painted Turtle camp which is a special camp for children suffering from chronic and recurring illness. This camp helps to give these troubled children the chance to enjoy a summer just like anybody else their age and for that, Eric Pulier, we salute you.