How Richard Mishaan Design Has Innovated Within a City

The team at Richard Mishaan Design have been hard at work over the past several decades in order to establish themselves as one of the premier luxury designers in the city of New York. Richard Mishaan Design was established and is run by Richard Mishaan himself, a visionary within the interior design world as well as one of its most outspoken members. Richard Mishaan cites his education and upbringing as the primary keys to his success.

Walking into a Richard Mishaan Design room can be like walking into the mind of the home owner itself. Richard Mishaan knows that the job of an interior designer isn’t just to leave their mark on the property, but to also leave the mark of the homeowner as well. Mishaan was raised in Colombia as well as Italy where he made a strong first impression with vivid colors and eccentric designs. Italy and Colombia, for those who haven’t been there, are places filled with bright colors and patterns. Mishaan learned early on that he did not like minimalism or monochromatic color schemes.

As an interior designer and the leader of Richard Mishaan Design, Mishaan has taken on the role of making a statement with each room that he puts under his control. Mishaan believes that mixing eras is just the start of making an innovative design pattern. Richard Mishaan Design likes to mix and match colors, patterns, textures and even timelines as they build up their rooms from scratch. Mishaan knows that each room should tell a story and have something to say to the people within it.

Some of Richard Mishaan’s finest work can be found in his home town of New York City. The St Regis Suites were done up by Mishaan’s team in 2010. He has also worked hard on projects all around the world.