Director Of U.S. Money Reserve Phillip Diehl Interviewed On Eric Dye Podcast

Phillip Diehl is a very busy man who has a limited amount of media appearances throughout the year. One of those media appearances was on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio a show hosted by Eric Dye. On this show he interviews a plethora of top executives, small business owners and various other entrepreneurs about their service, product and strategies.

During the interview several topics were addressed including Phillip Diehl’s background and vision for the future of the gold market globally and especially within the United States.

Phillip Diehl has a very impressive background as he is known as one of the most successful U.S. Mint Directors of all time. He has spear headed many programs such as the minting of America’s first platinum coin and the 50 States Quarter program.

Now being the U.S. Money Reserve president he has also transformed the establishment from what he calls a backwards agency to real entrepreneurial agency. This change came about thanks to his leadership skills and his clear vision to make the U.S Money Reserve one of America’s great business’s. He knew from the beginning that good customer service was an area that would set them apart from other agencies.

The U.S. Money Reserve is now considered one of the greatest suppliers of precious metal coins, bars and bullion in the United States of America. They have had many significant achievements along the way including the most recent launch of the first precious metals IRA program.

The precious metal gold, platinum and silver coins are actual legal tender within the United States and is officially backed by the United States government. There has been a prediction in the volatility of markets which is said to increase the price of gold further. This insight makes it favourable to invest in gold for the future to secure retirement for the family.

The extremely professional staff at the U.S. Money Reserve can help customers make this decision by recommending certain precious metals depending on customers needs and requirements. Customers who would like to investigate this further are also urged to get an information pack sent.