Perry Mandera Philanthropist and Transportation Entrepreneur

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur of renown. He has always advocated for giving back to the community and as such leads from the front in this aspect. His charity and contributions go to the youth and veterans. Equally dear to him is the treatment of cancer. He is determined to contribute to its eradication and therefore supports organizations that are dealing in the same.

Charities such as Walter & Connie Payton Foundation as well as the Jesse White Tumblers are beneficiaries of Perry’s contributions. Perry has in the past donated winter gear for children living in Chicago. Through his company, The, Perry was of help to the families residing in Washington and Illinois during the 2013 problems. The families were beneficiaries of supplies and needed transportation.

During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Custom Companies provided truckloads of foods and other supplies. Perry was also keen on helping the families that were adversely affected by the California wild fires. Sports are also an area that Perry’s organization helps. Sporting events for the children is also an area of interest for Custom Companies. Over 100 programs have benefited from the charity of Perry Mandera.

Seeing as Perry is interested in helping youth and children, he has repeatedly sponsored many disadvantaged children. Families with poor economic muscle have seen their children educated through Perry’s generous gesture. Veterans seeking employment are given first priority by Perry who works hand in hand with Hiring our Heroes.


Coaching the Youth

Not only does Perry donate money to charities that support his causes. He is also generous with his time. Perry finds time to personally coach youth who are interested in sports such as basket ball baseball and basketball.



Perry has been rewarded for both his work as an entrepreneur and his dedication to charity. His commitment to the environmental preservation campaigns has not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized by the Illinois Crime Commission, The Glenview Grind, Two Soldiers and a Marine, The Jesse White Foundation and Sister Paulanne Neddy Family Fund. Perry is an active church member and a husband devoted to his wife and two children.