Chainsmokers Make Their win into Something Special

Even though the music industry has an infamous reputation for being a place of massive egos and self-centered behavior, there are times when this simply does not hold true. As a matter of fact, there are moments within the music industry where respect and admiration shine brightly with class and style. One instance of such a display is the Chainsmokers taking a moment during the Billboard Music Awards to honor the passing of a fellow colleague.

The passing away of DJ artist Avicii is something that the the duo feel deeply about. To this end, they are willing to express these emotions in front of a multitude of their peers, fans and others during the award ceremony. Sometimes, people just have to say what they feel in their hearts. Without being akward or pushy regarding the matter, Alex Pall and Drew Tagart forever have the memory of honoring someone they adore at the most appropriate time possible.

There are few better occasions than the Billboard Music Awards to do so. They just want people to know how important Avicii was for their professional and personal development as well as the Electric Dance Music (EDM) community. Other influential and iconic artists are on record for addressing the crowd that evening, regarding the young DJ’s passing away. And in the ultimate show of respect and honor, the Chainsmokers forever hold Avicii in their hearts through a dedication of their award for being the Top Dance and Electric team.

The Chainsmokers’ mention of the fallen DJ is not the only time that evening where artists spoke out on issues in which they believe. Showing passion and defiance for the current state of events around the world, Kelly Clarkson has the courage to have voiced her feelings about taking action on issues beforehand instead of silence afterwards. This kind of classic display of consciousness and admiration shows the entire world who the Chainsmokers really are. Pall and Tagart perform as a dynamic duo in the music industry, and they understand that there are other artist in the field worthy of note. Hopefully, the next time they feel the need to express themselves in such a way the circumstances should be more pleasant.

The Relevance of Desiree Perez at Tidal

Tidal is a music streaming service that people just cannot seem to count out. There have been a lot of struggles, and a lot of people may have assumed that Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, may not be able to take this company very far. He has given Desiree Perez free reign to come in and make the necessary changes to elevate this company, and it really has worked well within the last couple of months.  Check  on

There is no doubt that this will be one of the most interesting companies in the music streaming era. Jay-Z has come forth and allowed people to see music in a much different light, and Desiree Perez has definitely been great at helping him build his music streaming service up.  Hit on .

It is no surprise that he tapped into a resource like Desiree Perez. She was already a family friend because Jay-Z is best friends with her husband. This allowed them to interact and talk about the issues that Tidal was facing. Desiree Perez processed all of this information and she made a conscious decision to help Jay-Z turn things around. It is a very interesting thing to see someone like Desiree Perez working behind the scenes. She definitely has a knack for business, and this is evident from the contract that she negotiated for Roc Nation Sports.

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Perez is a fierce business woman that has the ability to give people access to a whole new level of music that they can’t get anywhere else. This is the angle that she worked from when she was helping Jay-Z create a much more interesting version of Tidal. She want people to know that there was something different about this music streaming service, and that has been the thing that has allowed it to rise.

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