A Short Biography Of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent businessman from Dallas, Texas. One of his best known enterprises is Timber Creek Capital. This company is a widely known provider of investment services and advice.

However, this has not been his only successful company. In fact, Marc Sparks has had a number of successful endeavors. These companies are still active, and he now is managing multiple successful corporations.

In addition, he has had a lot of involvement with the telecommunications industry. Some examples of telecommunications businesses that he has been involved with include Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Jay Wireless.

He has helped these companies to grow and develop over the course of time. These companies are still successful and well known in the industry.

While Timber Creek Capital and his other endeavors have been quite profitable for him, he doesn’t simply keep his earnings for himself. Instead, he has given a lot of money to non-profit organizations. One example of an organization that he has given money is a homeless shelter in his area, called the Samaritan Inn.

He also has assisted the Habitat for Humanity in the building of homes. Additionally, he helps to provide educational services to those in the Dallas, Texas area by supporting an organization called the America Can! Academy.

In addition, Marc Sparks and his wife run a competition for non-profit organizations. This competition is called The Spark Tank, and it provides the winning non-profit organization with five thousand dollars in funding.

There are several requirements for non-profit organizations to be accepted into this competition. Once they are, they go through a series of rounds before a winner is determined. In addition to a first place winner, there is also recognition given for second and third place in the competition

Additionally, Marc Sparks has written a well known book, called They Can’t Eat You. This book provides entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be with encouragement and business advice.

Not only has this book helped many people, but it has also sold well. They Can’t Eat You can be purchased in bookstores, and it is also available online.