Goettl’s Zone-Controlled Heating System Helps Las Vegas Family

Goettl Air Conditioning is recognized as one of the highest quality HVAC service companies in the nation, having recently won the Arizona Foothills’ Best HVAC Company award among others. But it’s also built a reputation for helping communities in need. In Las Vegas this last December, they helped the Stephenson family by buying them a new heating system and installing it in their home for free. The family had been struggling to make ends meet and even with their old heating system that didn’t even work well enough to heat various rooms in their house, they were paying $600 a month for it. But thanks to Michael Gamst and a team of HVAC technicians, the Stephenson family was given a warm house for Christmas and new years and zone-controlled heating.

Goettl’s zone-controlled heating is able to keep different house rooms warm during different times of day, and save on heating by turning off when it’s not needed. Goettl’s technicians are experts in installing both zone-controlled heating as well as ductless mini split heat pumps that can get the job done without needing a large central air unit or intrusive duct work. All of their systems are rated as energy efficient and compliant with environmental codes.

Goettl began its business back in 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl decided to use their mechanical expertise to design cooling systems for merchants in the Phoenix, AZ area. Since then the company has become a major Arizona residential HVAC company, though they have also teamed up with some other local HVAC service companies to reach commercial customers as well. They’ve expanded from the Phoenix and Tucson areas to enter the Las Vegas and southern Nevada markets. Goettl CEO Ken Goodrich has formed partnerships with The Sunny Plumber to include plumbing services to their customers, and he also helped start scholarship programs for former military veterans looking to enter the HVAC field upon returning home from duty.