The Root Of End Citizens United And Its Input In The American Political Landscape

It is undisputed that one of the biggest challenges most countries face in terms of politics lies in the distribution of money and its impact on conducting fair politics. To track how the political money is utilized in the system, a lot of investment must be considered in different dockets of political systems.

According to Mother Jones, the establishment of End Citizens United has played a pivotal role in maintaining a neutral balance in the political landscape. That is why when the court made a ruling in 2013, End Citizens United was delighted to be part of the historical political system. The organization brought forth an energetic as well as a new era of motivating bottomless election. The organization has been focusing on the eradication of what can be termed as dark money, a vice that interferes with most elections in different countries. For End Citizens United, it is vital to determine the root of the funds spent on campaigns prior to elections.

Profile for Establishment

To accomplish this, End Citizens United has been on the forefront of battling illegal sources of political funds. As an empowered political action committee, End Citizens United is committed to raising funds with the aim of establishing the root of all political evils. Some of these donors donate against political figures, without a clear indication of where the money is from. As a group, End Citizens United visualizes major transactions that have a positive as well as a negative impact on politics. With detailed information, the group offers insight on the legal way to address various issues. Keeping in mind that the core sources of the funds have a direct impact on campaigns and the future of the state, End Citizens United puts everything to the public.


In 2017, End Citizens United announced its intention to raise $ 4 million towards the 2018 elections. Given the group’s history in 2016, this is possible because in the last elections held in that year, the total funds were approximately $ 35 billion. In the early weeks of 2017, the political act committee asked donors to contribute towards the great cause. True to these words, some of the new members made their first contribution since joining the group. In an interesting and surprising turn of events, Ossoff, a democrat, parted with over $ 4 million. The 30 year old first time politician is set to yank the April general elections by replacing Tom Price. According to Muller, the head cheerleader of the committee, the 2018 elections will be a win for this group. This is because of the time it has taken to prepare ahead of the event. End Citizens United is dedicated to transform the lives of Americans through initiating fair and regular elections coupled with clean donations that generate from people who are for the better future of America.