Maggie Gill–Strength through Leading–That is What Maggie is All About:

There are many leaders in the world: Some inspire, some disappoint and others are role models: If anything, Maggie Gill is an icon. Her daily influence at Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia has been sensed and respected during her tenure at the very progressive health care institution in historic Savannah, Georgia. Look at Maggie’s history, as to leadership, and she rates second to none. What is Ms. Gill’s secret? She is compassionate, fiscally concerned, and is not afraid or shy about “stepping up to the plate,” during a crisis situation. Ms. Gill “humbles” many persons, inspired by her subtle approach in performing the day-to-day duties, required of her as CEO of the eminent Memorial Health.

Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) whom Maggie has served is an award winning healthcare institution. It comes complete with six hundred and four beds. It is considered an Academic Medical Setting. The progressive institution, which Gill oversees, services a thirty five county area, within the south portion of S. Carolina, and Southeast Georgia. The provider, is considered to administer exceptional service, as is evidenced by its many awards–as to “Standards of Excellence.”

Maggie Gill came on board at the progressive academic health care institution (MUMC) as its V.P. of Finance and managed Care in 2004. She moved on, from this role, to that of Memorial Health’s COO in 2005. When it came time for the academic institution to find a new CEO they did not need to look far: because Maggie Gill, with her terrific leadership style, was sitting “right under their noses:” She assumed the role of CEO of Memorial Health in 2011.

Maggie is pointed in a different direction: with regard to her career horizon. The Board was surprised to hear that Maggie Gill wishes to depart Memorial Health–since–as is the case with all great leaders–other opportunities are calling her even further forward. Its Maggie’s decision alone, to take advantage of other choice career steps and focuses–not surprising–due to her conscientious nature, and her dominance in a leadership role. The Board, at Memorial Health, wishes Gill the best, naturally. She is currently the “face” of the progressive care provider. And true to Gill style, she mentioned that she would, of course, stay-on-board, until which time a leadership replacement was located. Gill made her departure announcement at the beginning portion of February of 2017.

There are not many persons like Maggie Gill. She brings caring concern to every area, wherein, she builds rapport and communicates healthcare fundamentals and objectives. The areas which Ms. Gill oversees are listed below:

Gill is leader of all V.P.’s, Senior V.P.’s and Physician Leaders. She holds direct responsibility, too, as it pertains to Physician relations, governmental relations, the Internal Audit area, the Orthopedic and Neuro-science Programs, the Heart & Vascular Institute, Perioperative Services, the Financial Assistance area, Corporate Communications, Facilities Management, and Trauma Services.

Prior to joining Memorial Health, Maggie worked, in a leadership capacity, for Tenet South Florida Health System. She served in the capacity of CFO.

Maggie earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Florida State University, and a Masters degree from Saint Leo University in Florida.