Livio Bisterzo Turns Chickpeas Into Snacks

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It’s hard to find snacks that are actually healthy, and even harder to find healthy snacks that can fit into a restricted diet. Livio Bisterzo of Green Park Holdings recognized that problem and created a solution with Hippeas.

Hippeas is a snack food made from puffed chickpeas. They are kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and organic, so almost anyone can eat them without worrying about breaking a dietary restriction. They are also healthier than most other snacks, with relatively high protein and fiber combined with low calories in every serving. Chickpeas are also good for the environment, since they are a nitrogen-fixing plant that can help to restore the soil. That combination of health, sustainability, and accessibility has been more than enough to make them successful. Bisterzo has built a successful business on the strength of Hippeas, which can even be found in places like Starbucks instead of just selling in health food stores.

Part of the snack’s appeal comes from its mixture of health and flavor. Health food has a reputation for being strange and disgusting, but Hippeas does not have that problem. Puffed foods are common snacks, so people don’t have to go too far outside their comfort zones the first time they try it. It also comes in a variety of flavors that people can recognize, so they have an easy time picking their first taste of Hippeas. Those factors make it easy for Hippeas to overcome to the stigma that can come with healthy food and get people to try it, which is often all that it takes to get people started with healthy snacking.

It’s no surprise that Livia Bisterzo could develop such a successful product. His life experiences and education have certainly prepared him for success. He was born in Italy, but moved to UK when he was 18 to study in London. He went on to get experience working in marketing before he started his first business in 2003. He spent the next seven years building up a portfolio of lifestyle, consumer, and hospitality ventures. He left them behind in 2010, but went on to acquire the Danish beverage company called Little Miracles in 2011. That was his first venture into health and nutrition, which eventually led to the start of Green Park Holdings in 2015. Bisterzo and his family moved to Los Angeles a year later, and followed the move by launching Hippeas, which has since grown into a major success.

A Personal Connection at Talk Fusion

Technology Marketing Corporation proudly presented Talk Fusion with the Communications Solutions Products of the Year award on August 15, 2016 for their innovative Talk Fusion Video Chat. This platform is available to everyone through either Google Play or iTunes.

This product almost was not developed except that Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina was in the process of buying a vacation home. Despite an illustrative career in law enforcement, Bob still values his mother’s opinion. Therefore, he videoed the potential home and went to email a copy to his mother. The video was too big and the email program would not let him seek his mother’s advice.

This set in motion the steps for Talk Fusion to create their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. One aspect of their solution that everyone is sure to love is video email. Users can easily choose from thousands of templates to create their own emails for charity, work or personal use. Many different languages are available so people can use this exciting program around the world.

Another innovative product from Talk Fusion is their video newsletters that allow users to customize with their own texts, logos and colors. Users can even change the font to more easily capture the viewer’s attention.
Talk Fusion wants to empower people to live their dreams. These innovative products are sure to enhance that process. Their products are currently available in over 140 countries and growing. They want to connect the world together just like CEO Retina wanted so desperately to be connected to his mother.


Talk Fusion with Bob Reina


The business world is rapidly growing, and technological advancements are subtly changing how companies carry out their operations. Businesses need to adapt to these changes and utilize the available technology for them to be successful. To make the transition, a company needs a direct selling partner like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a direct selling company that helps businesses increase efficiency in their daily operations.

Talk Fusion is dedicated to changing lives and businesses with their excellent video products as well as creating income opportunities. Videos are rapidly gaining significance as part of firms’ online experience. Companies need to search and reach prospective clients and make themselves distinguishable among their competitors. Talk Fusion help businesses achieve their dreams through making social networking, broadcasting and video conferencing products.

The company helps businesses by adding video to newsletters, emails, online chats, blogs, and webinars among others. Video helps business owners engage and retain their customers as well as attract potential clients. Videos help companies increase their engagement by a rate of 44%. Besides, videos increase the prospects of a consumer buying from a business by 85%. Talk Fusion enables this by helping organizations gain an absolute competitive advantage. Besides, it helps organizations put their brand out to the world and become number one in their industry.

Bob Reina, who is the CEO, founded talk Fusion in 2007. Bob leads Talk Fusion with his natural talent, knowledge and industry expertise. He has experience in marketing for over 20 years, which makes him understand how businesses should approach clients. His leadership skills have continued to earn him an excellent reputation as an initiating leader in the industry. As charismatic as he is, Bob has a great passion for helping others.

Reina is a strong believer in the value of giving back. He believes in giving back to the family, communities, charities and friends all over the world. Bob is an animal lover and participates in activities that aim at caring for animals. He has made over one million dollars donations to help animal causes. With his recent donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, people can access checkups and other services for their pets.

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The Amazing Success of Dr. Jennifer Walden

In any industry, there are professionals who really rise to the top of the game. These individuals not only raise the bar of success in their personal careers, but they create a whole new standard for the entire industry. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great example of a professional who has really raised the bar in the cosmetic surgery industry. Not only has Dr. Walden been named one of the greatest cosmetic surgeons in Texas but she has also been named as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the United States. Harpers Bazaar recently named Dr. Walden among the top 24 cosmetic surgeons in the United States. It is easy to see why so many individuals will travel across the country to have their cosmetic surgeries performed by Dr. Walden.

One of the reasons that Dr. Walden is so successful is not only due to her amazing surgical skills but also her ability to relax her patients and make them feel very calm. Even though she is very busy at most times, Dr. Walden has a very calm and relaxed feel to her. Her passion in cosmetic surgery can be attributed to her desire to help individuals feel better about herself. Her warms smile shows how much she cares about every patient that she attends to. Her name has easily become one of the most well-known names in cosmetic surgeries today.

When Dr. Walden moved her practice back to Austin, she had to start all over again. However, this was something that was fairly easy to do with her amazing amount of success and her great name that she had built for herself. With her family as her main priority, Dr. Walden’s main reason to move back to Austin was to allow her two boys to grow up around a lot of her family just like she did. Now that Dr. Walden is practicing in Austin, she has an amazing work-life balance that allows her a great quality of life.


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Skout Travel is the Perfect Virtual Vacation


Virtual travel has received a huge upgrade, and Skout developers are the ones that the world should be thanking right now. This is the app that has managed to beat all the other apps that are on the market today. It has become the type of app that people are using to turn their virtual trips into real vacations. Many people are exploring different cities through a virtual world with friends that they have met through Skout.

PR News Wire has reported that the Skout Travel feature has pulled a whopping 10 million people into the land of virtual tours. This is just the beginning though. This is not a feature that has been on a slow climb to reaching 10 million users. This is a feature that has reached 10 million users in the course of 15 months. In less than a year and a half, Skout has gotten the attention of more than 10 million people.

Skout has become that app that continues to add another level of communication each time that the app presents something new. In the beginning this would be the app that would be perfect for making friends. After time progressed it became an app for flirting, and it would become the app for dating. This would be something that would overshadow a lot of other companies that were offering premium dating services. It would also compete with apps like LinkedIn because it became a networking app as well.

What people discovered is that this was a melting pot app that would become everything that they needed. Many people have found themselves deleting 3 or more apps because they could get everything that they needed with Skout. It is as if this has become one of the better apps for people that may not have a desire to log in to multiple apps to do different things.

Skout travel certainly is helping more people bond. There are so many people that are building better relationships now that they have access to an app like this. Taking a virtual tour may be the answer when the money is low. Taking a virtual tour can give people the ideal of what several cities may be like all within a 24 hour window.

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