George Soros Shows What it Means to be a Philanthropist

George Soros, a billionaire who is well-known for his philanthropy and support of democratic ideas, recently donated $18 million dollars to The Open Society Foundation-nearly all of his net-worth. George Soros became wealthy by extreme success at Wall Street founded The Open Society Foundation in 1984 in attempts to promote democratic ideas and individual freedoms, he himself growing up in Nazi Occupied Germany and Communist Budapest, making it so that he indeed knows what the opposite of an open society looks like. His past can be seen embedded into all of his work, some of his first acts of of charity came in the form of providing scholarships to South Africans when the country was going through apartheid and providing photocopiers to those in Europe during the cold war to reprint books that were destroyed through communist rule. It is apparent that he puts the utmost value on individual freedoms and sends a message that regardless of ones place in history, there will always be those who will fight for what is trying to be ripped away.

Given the current state of The United States, individual freedoms are one of the many aspects being robbed from the country, the country declines into a divide more and more each day, and many find themselves unable to know where to begin in dissipating the dark haze The United States has currently found itself in. In November George made a statement saying, “We must do something to push back what’s happening here.” George continued to express that the recent election has woken up dark forces, showing that he in no way intends to hide the reason behind his donation and that it was indeed above all, a message. A country that was once applauded for its diversity is now seeing itself in the beginning stages of crumbling due to the very thing it was once praised for and more

The Open Society Foundation takes a significant stance in protecting individual freedoms and human rights, its work spanning out over multiple countries and combating and having an impact on the most diverse of current social situations. Given Soros’s past the overarching messages behind the actions of himself and the organization are clear. Though Soros’s acts of philanthropy are endless, this particular one stands out from the rest, as it demonstrates what philanthropy really is and the purpose of it, it demonstrates that those who have the capacity to act, have the responsibility to do so.