Livio Bisterzo Turns Chickpeas Into Snacks

hippeas van livio bisterzo

It’s hard to find snacks that are actually healthy, and even harder to find healthy snacks that can fit into a restricted diet. Livio Bisterzo of Green Park Holdings recognized that problem and created a solution with Hippeas.

Hippeas is a snack food made from puffed chickpeas. They are kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and organic, so almost anyone can eat them without worrying about breaking a dietary restriction. They are also healthier than most other snacks, with relatively high protein and fiber combined with low calories in every serving. Chickpeas are also good for the environment, since they are a nitrogen-fixing plant that can help to restore the soil. That combination of health, sustainability, and accessibility has been more than enough to make them successful. Bisterzo has built a successful business on the strength of Hippeas, which can even be found in places like Starbucks instead of just selling in health food stores.

Part of the snack’s appeal comes from its mixture of health and flavor. Health food has a reputation for being strange and disgusting, but Hippeas does not have that problem. Puffed foods are common snacks, so people don’t have to go too far outside their comfort zones the first time they try it. It also comes in a variety of flavors that people can recognize, so they have an easy time picking their first taste of Hippeas. Those factors make it easy for Hippeas to overcome to the stigma that can come with healthy food and get people to try it, which is often all that it takes to get people started with healthy snacking.

It’s no surprise that Livia Bisterzo could develop such a successful product. His life experiences and education have certainly prepared him for success. He was born in Italy, but moved to UK when he was 18 to study in London. He went on to get experience working in marketing before he started his first business in 2003. He spent the next seven years building up a portfolio of lifestyle, consumer, and hospitality ventures. He left them behind in 2010, but went on to acquire the Danish beverage company called Little Miracles in 2011. That was his first venture into health and nutrition, which eventually led to the start of Green Park Holdings in 2015. Bisterzo and his family moved to Los Angeles a year later, and followed the move by launching Hippeas, which has since grown into a major success.