SahmAdrangi’s Incredible One of a Kind Investment

SahmAdrangi’s Incredible One of a Kind Investment
SahmAdrangi is a man well-known for his ability to recognize incredible investments which have high returns and minimize risks. With such a talent and skill, Sahm started an investment management firm called Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. He holds the Chief Investment Officer post in the company. An investment management firm is involved with finding amazing investments on the market. With their clients’ capital, they invest in such investments and high profits means high pay for them as well. Kerrisdale Capital is required to do adequate research on a daily basis for them to get excellent investment deals. Such firms are cautious about placing all their clients’ capital in one investment because of the massive risks that might be incurred. Distributing the money is always the best way to go about it.
Recently, SahmAdrangi decided to try a different path, and he raised $100 million from his clients to place on a single asset. Such a move has never been seen especially for small companies as Kerrisdale Capital. The firm plans to invest in a public company which is still not disclosed to the public. Sahm will mention the name of the company when the right time arrives. Sahm together with Shane Wilson, are working tirelessly to convince investors to help raise the needed capital. Shane is the analyst of the firm. The two have been focusing on the significant investment by creating more awareness using videos, reports, their website and more. Sahm has started buying stocks with the available capital to secure their investment.
SahmAdrangi has worked with other firms such as the Longacre Fund management. He held the investment analyst position in the company. SahmAdrangi has also worked for the Chanin Capital Partners. He was involved with the bankruptcy restructuring group at the enterprise. Sahm’s job was to offer legal advice to the creditors. Before working with Chanin, Sahm was also involved with Deutsche Bank, working in the leveraged finance group. Sahm’s experience makes him a valuable resource for Kerrisdale Capital Management. The educational background is also impressive because Sahm attended Yale University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Sahm is a dedicated man at everything he does.

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