Why Class Dojo is a Favorite App Among Educators and Parents

Ed-tech company Class Dojo has made a name for itself by advancing a communication platform that promotes seamless connection between teachers, parents and students. Since being made available to the mainstream market, Class Dojo has become immensely popular. It is used in two-thirds of schools in the United States. Those who have used it acclaim its exceptional ability to create a positive learning environment, which fosters the general wellbeing of learners.

In a bid to make the platform more inclusive, Class Dojo has been seeking venture funds. Recently, the company announced that its latest round of venture funding had raised more than 20 million dollars. The money will be used to improve the existing infrastructure so that the platform continues grounding up change within the education fraternity. The company intends to add more features so that the app can be more beneficial to parents, learners, and educators. This will make it easier for parents to take part in their kids’ educational development.

Class Dojo’s co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don point out that improving the platform means parents will play a more significant role in the early development of their children. Since the app was advanced, parents are not required to visit schools so that they can learn about the educational and social development of their kids. The addition of more features and educational content to the platform will go a long way in making learning a fulfilling experience. The co-founders similarly plan to extend the app’s use to the home environment.

What Inspired the Development of Class Dojo?

Liam and Sam point out that they were inspired to develop the platform after noticing that most working-class parents were finding it difficult to monitor their kids’ development. Visiting schools for prescheduled monthly meetings was also hectic, time consuming, and expensive. Therefore, they wanted to come up with a platform that would enable teachers to program learning activities in advance. Such activities would be made known to parents through photos and videos. Already, millions of parents throughout the US are keeping tabs on the development of their kids through the app.

About Class Dojo

Liam and Sam co-founded the company in 2011. Its groundbreaking app, Class Dojo is currently used in over 80,000 American schools. Since setting up the firm, the two entrepreneurs have mostly focused on the addition of more features onto the platform. Luckily, they have received the much-needed funding from various investment firms. Investment firms that have been brought on board include GSV, and General Catalyst.
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