The Innovative Richard Mishaan Design Company

The New York based Richard Mishaan Design company was founded in 1991 by Colombian-born Richard Mishaan, who has been called one of the leaders in the art of interior design, having created innovative and inspired designs not only for residential customers, but also for businesses, such as, retail stores and hotels. The talented designer has said that he prefers to create settings based on what his clients desire rather than on his own personal preferences. He feels that the whole interior design process both begins and ends with the client.

He has been called the Mix Master, due to the fact that he is very skilled at putting certain textures and colors together that is not only esthetic in appearance, but that also creates warmth, intimacy and a soothing or positive energy inside a structure. He began his career in designing after receiving a BA degree from New York University and going on to attend the Columbia University of Architecture, then accepting an apprenticeship at the Philip Johnson company.

Having been both a fashion designer, as well as an architect in the past, he developed a keen eye for what elements would work best together. He has used the same techniques to design the interiors of his own dwellings that he’s used to create the artistic looks inside the homes of his clients. His designs have been described as being modern and personal creations that tell a story about the continuation of time.

Mishaan, who has been married to his wife, Marcia, for 27 years, has written two books on the subject of designing. One was called Modern Luxury, the other, Artfully Modern, which was published by Monacelli Press. Because he has been in the interior design business for over 20 years, he was recently asked about what inspires him. He simply said, “Everything.”