MB2 Dental Lets Dentists Get Back To Caring For Patients

MB2 Dental Solutions was founded in 2009 by CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. After becoming frustrated with the problems that face the dental industry, Villanueva founded the company in hopes of providing dentists with solutions that would allow them to get back to what they do best, dentistry. MB2 Dental combines the great traits of practitioners and group practices while taking away the negative from them. The company has grown to have over 75 employees and over 70 dental offices they are affiliated with. With affiliated offices in states like Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tennessee, MB2 Dental takes each practice and office to the next level while taking away their burdens.


Patient care is the most important aspect of the dental industry. MB2 Dental provides services to their affiliated offices that allow practices to focus on their patient care as MB2 Dental takes care of everything else. This solutions company provides human resources services that handle things like payroll, employee relations, benefits, compensation, and labor relations. They provide accounting and finance services like taxes and reports, and credentialing services to ensure their affiliated offices are in accordance with any and all regulations and standards. MB2 Dental also provides compliance services like office compliance programs, internal monitoring, and monthly audits, in addition to their IT services which provide their affiliates with exceptional services. Their IT services include data management, remote and on-site computer support, backup and disaster recovery, business network solutions, maintenance plans, surveillance installation, and telecom/data services. They even provide their offices with marketing services to boost clientele and recruiting services to ensure they hire only the best employees in their offices. MB2 Dental takes the guesswork out of running any office, leaving dentists with only one concern: caring for their patients.


MN2 Dental couldn’t function with such success without the help of its leadership team. At the head of the team sits founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He holds years of experience in various areas of the dental field and has always been an advocate for the doctor-focused practice model. This advocacy led him to establish MB2 Dental Solutions, one of the only and largest doctor-owned dental support organizations in the entire country. Next on the leadership list is the company’s President, Justin Puckett. He has been involved in many aspects of the dental industry as an attorney and executive. His experiences in corporate finance, accounting, and corporate law provide him with the perfect knowledge that allows him to help affiliated offices become successful.