The Future of New York Shared Office Spaces


It is a proven fact that people work better in coworking spaces. These spaces allow for many people to be working and sharing information in close proximity such as a communal setting. Researchers have long suspected this to be the case, and it has finally been proven that people really do feel and work better in a shared office space. When it comes to these shared spaces, people feel that their work is really being seen by others and it allows them to witness first hand the impact that their actions are having. The isolated world of a cubicle or traditional office setting really separates people from their products and that is not conducive to a working environment.

Most shared workplaces mix people of different backgrounds and jobs so that there is little to no competition between people for the same positions, promotions, or titles. Because of this, it is easier to lend a hand to a coworker who may be struggling, without worrying that your job could be on the line. This creates a very strong feeling of community that can really help with productivity. When someone is working from home, they are completely detached from the work they are doing and the people that they are working with. But working in a shared office space allows them to create their community of trust and assistance that allows each person’s individual talents to shine.

A shared work place gives people more control. When they have more control they feel more satisfied with their job because there is less rigidity in their position. These types of offices often hold events and training sessions and other less strict meetings that allow the different people working in the office to meet and interact in different settings. This enhances the feeling of community and gets people excited about upcoming projects and deadlines.

WorkVille NYC utilizes the coworking model to provide Manhattan offices for rent. With large windows and bright modern interiors, you might think that this was a luxury hotel, but really it is your office space. WorkVille NYC is amazing at creating beautiful offices that people really love to work in. They try to offer their workers many different places to work such as cafes, terraces, and many different types of lounge areas. This creates a welcome environment that makes people want to be productive and enthusiastic about their work. And the fresh coffee around the clock definitely adds to the positive experience.