George Soros and the Role of Civil Engagement

The Ferguson Protests were a huge moment in the recent history of the civil rights conversation for the United States of America. The Ferguson Protests were a lightning rod for controversy because they pushed the issue of racial profiling and police brutality right to the front of mainstream media. For a long time the news was dominated by the movement and the growth of something else, something bigger: #BlackLivesMatters. The Ferguson Protests centered around the shooting death of an unarmed black suspect, Michael Brown, by a white police officer named Darren Wilson. On the outskirts of this controversy was George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist who pushed for grassroots activists to have a voice. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, a network of foundations and individuals all over the world that focus on social justice, pro-democracy ideals, and transparent government accountability. The Open Society Foundations has given over $12 billion to organizations in over 130 different countries. Soros and the Foundation also give profusely to activists here at home within the United States, including activists in and around the Ferguson area. In fact, the Open Society Foundations had given nearly $30 million to grassroots campaigns in and around Ferguson in the year leading up to the infamous shooting. Visit this site to know more at

The protests during the Ferguson shooting were widespread and loud enough to gain national traction. Thanks to Soros’ careful attention to grassroots activism throughout the United States, these activists had the backing they needed in order to take to the streets and stand up for what is right.Kenneth Zimmerman is the Director at the Open Society Foundations and he was very candid and open about how Soros believes in activism at every level. Zimmerman basically used the protests to point out that these types of shootings were not justified and that people weren’t being kept accountable. He went on to say that it was “democratic participation.”

George Soros has done so much more in his life than just become the head of the progressive social justice movement. Soros is a Hungarian born Jew who lived in the country during the Nazi occupation of 1944. From 1944 to 1945 over 500,000 Jews in Hungary would end up brutally murdered for nothing more than who they were. Soros was there in horror watching these events. He and his family helped Jews to falsify documents in order to escape the country before eventually fleeing themselves.

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Soros emigrated from Budapest to London where he would go to school at the London School of Economics. Soros would eventually graduate, working multiple jobs to pay for his education, before coming to America. Soros would create the Soros Hedge Fund and the rest is history now.

Making The World A Better Place For All with George Soros

George Soros, a New York hedge fund manager, is one of the most politically influential individuals in the world. Soros has used his vast influence to help realign the political arena of various countries in the world, even contributing towards the toppling of regimes which have held the reins of government for decades. His influence is majorly derived from his personal fortune and investments controlled by his firm, Soros Fund Management. Soros passionate messianic zeal greatly influences his character. He believes he is a missionary with a divine calling to transform the world together with its institutions into something better. He has expressed this rhetoric in a variety of different ways on In his endeavor to change the world, Soros has indulged his social concern into a vision of a new world consistent with social justice.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary to a family of non-practicing Jews. His father, Tivadar was an attorney and an advocate of Esperanto, an artificial language created in the 1800s. In 1936, his father Tivadar switched his family name to Soros, an Esperanto verb meaning “will soar.” When Budapest was invaded by the Nazis in 1944, Tivadar made up his mind to separate his family to increase their chances of survival on Investopedia. He paid a Hungarian government official to take George and claim he was his Christian godson. In 1947, Soros’ family resettled in England where he attended the London School of Economics(LSE). At LSE, George Soros was exposed to Karl Popper, a Viennese-born philosopher teaching at LSE at the time and whom Soros later named his spiritual mentor. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Soros joined Singer and Friedlander, a London brokerage firm. While working for the company, he learned and became proficient in international arbitrage. After four years, Soros moved to New York to work on Wall Street as a stock trader. Later, he found work at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc, an investment bank on, as a portfolio manager soaring his career to new heights. George Soros settled in the United States becoming a citizen and built a fortune for himself.

Soros began engaging in philanthropy in 1979, launching Open Society Foundations five years later in his country of birth. He went ahead and established the foundation in other nations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Today, Soros’ Open Society Foundations is found in more than 70 countries around the world. Having been exposed to the plight of being a refugee himself, George Soros has made gifts to various organizations which supports immigrants and refugees. In 2016, he announced that his foundation would invest $500 million in companies established by refugees and immigrants.

The Profession of Avi Weinsfogel and his Charity Endeavors

Avi Weinsfogel is a dentist who has an excellent reputation for the quality services that he offers. His hospital is known as the Old Bridge Dental Clinic, and it is based in New Jersey. Dr. Avi Weinsfogel has made significant accomplishments in his career, and this includes being appreciated several times as the best dentist in the area. He has sufficient proficiency in his field and many doctors in New Jersey and other parts of the United States refer patients with complex oral problems to him. He has founded various medical organizations, and they include Dental Sleep Masters, which has been devoted to treating and educating people about different sleep disorders. The dentist has been active for more than sixteen years. He is highly knowledgeable about the treatment of sleep apnea. He also created the Unlimited Sleep Patients, which is currently three years old and is also focused on dealing with sleep apnea. Another organization that he created is Health Heart Sleep, and its primary role is to provide information to health professionals on how sleep apnea can be cured.


Dr. Weinsfogel has also gained recognition for being a generous person. He created a GoFundMe account, which he has been using to raise funds to support the Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international organization that has been offering health care to children who are not able to access it. Avi’s campaign has been devoted to providing assistance to children and young adults who suffer from oral complications such as cleft lips and palates. The charity undertakings that he runs have gained support from various governments, nonprofit making organizations, and providers of medical services. Operation Smile has been active since 1982, and the primary purpose that it was created for was to offer medical services to children who come from the low-income regions of Philippine.



Avi is also a talented and passionate musician. Making music has been his hobby, and he spends most of his free time in the studio. Hip-Hop is the music genre that he has specialized in, and he motivates himself to write his songs. He has made his music available to the public by posting it on Soundcloud where people can download or stream.

Keith and Keely Mann offer Support to the NYPD

The founder of Dynamic Search Partners Company based in New York, Keith Mann, has shown his support to the NYPD following the violence and protests against the police force in recent times. Keith and his wife Keely made a thanks gesture by buying lunch for the NYPD based in 54th Street in an effort to boost morale rather than the negativity that is surrounding the police force. Keith Mann is personally connected to the New York Police Department since an uncle to his wife is a detective based in Staten Island. Keith Mann stated that the recent protests that resulted in police officers being attacked fell close to his home and he was concerned.


Keith Mann sent lunch for the officers to show his solidarity with them in early January and again on February 9 as one action is often not noticed. He reiterated the fact that the police officers ought to be thanked for their services and not attacked at any one time. Keith pointed out that these police officers also had families and are just human beings like the rest of the people. He explained that police officers are supposed to react in accordance to the instructions they received in their training in certain situations that most civilians don’t encounter. Keith Mann wishes not to see any member of his family or any other family hurt due to careless acts against the police.


About Keith Mann


Keith Mann has over 15 years experience working in the executive search industry. He is a specialist in hedge fund staffing, hiring and compensation strategy. He was formerly a Dynamics Executive Search managing director and was involved in the recruitment on behalf of firms dealing in global financial services. He launched an Alternative Investment Practice inside the Dynamics Executive Search back in 2002. This was after he realized that the hedge fund industry that was rapidly growing was poorly served by the search society.


He expanded this practice to the private equity industry in 2006. In 2009, he established the Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) as a foremost executive search firm that was exclusively dedicated to firms involved in alternative investment. He is the current CEO of DSP and is charged with managing the day-to-day running of the company.


Keith Mann Invests in Education with Uncommon Schools in New York City

As a Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann knows that a proper education is the foundation for success. Keith Mann also understands that education is an opportunity not always afforded to everyone, which is why the entrepreneur and his wife, Keely recently launched a new scholarship for graduates from Uncommon Schools, a network that’s committed to the management of public schools across three states.

The aim of Uncommon Schools is to bridge the success gap that exists for students from low income families and foster success that ultimately leads to graduation from college. The aim of this scholarship is to provide one promising student from an Uncommon Schools high school with some financial assistance as they prepare to venture into the next exciting chapter of their life.

In order to apply for the scholarship, students were asked to write a 1,000-word essay. The topic: how earning a college degree will contribute to reaching their professional goals. Identifying potentially strong leaders is a skill that Keith Mann has cultivated over his years with Dynamic Search Partners, and this essay asked those who applied for the scholarship to demonstrate some of the traits that Mann seeks on a day-to-day basis, further preparing applicants to hone their focus as they prepare to enter college.

Of course, Keith Mann’s involvement with Uncommon Schools is nothing new. In March of 2015, Mann hosted a fundraiser for Uncommon Schools at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, which was able to generate over $22,000 for the organization. This newest endeavor for Uncommon Schools takes Mann’s commitment towards education and providing opportunity to those who are brave enough to seek it to the next level.

Keith Mann And Dynamic Search Partners Raise $22K For Uncommon Schools

Dynamic Search Partners CEO Keith Mann recently raised over $22,000 for Brooklyn’s New School.

The charity event, held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, raised money for student testing in the upcoming school year. Mann and many members of the financial community came together to help the school reach its goal.

The purpose of the Uncommon School is to provide support for low income inner city students who have the goal to attend college. “This is an initiative that we all support to the fullest,” said Keith Mann.

The new school will be opening in Brooklyn this fall. The inaugural school year will have their PSAT and ACT examinations paid for. Mann and his company will put up $10,000 of the money needed to reach the goal.

Mann has a history with the Uncommon Schools that dates back to 2013. The school’s relationship with Dynamic Search Partners is to assist the students to learn skills that they will need in college and beyond.

Mann says his relationship with Uncommon Schools is very rewarding. “These wonderful young people are very determined to make something of their lives.” Mann says he has sat in on a number of activities and in classroom settings to see how the seniors are advancing.

Keith Mann is one of the most popular and successful businessmen in New York City. His company Dynamic Search Partners has worked for over 15 years to place highly-qualified executive staff to companies around the world.

His company was founded after he discovered that hedge fund industry was vastly undeserved in the executive community. Today, he has offices in New York, Europe and Asia. His company has placed well over 200 clients in the last year.

Uncommon Schools also has chapters in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Several more are slated to be opened in the next two years.

Skout Travel is the Perfect Virtual Vacation


Virtual travel has received a huge upgrade, and Skout developers are the ones that the world should be thanking right now. This is the app that has managed to beat all the other apps that are on the market today. It has become the type of app that people are using to turn their virtual trips into real vacations. Many people are exploring different cities through a virtual world with friends that they have met through Skout.

PR News Wire has reported that the Skout Travel feature has pulled a whopping 10 million people into the land of virtual tours. This is just the beginning though. This is not a feature that has been on a slow climb to reaching 10 million users. This is a feature that has reached 10 million users in the course of 15 months. In less than a year and a half, Skout has gotten the attention of more than 10 million people.

Skout has become that app that continues to add another level of communication each time that the app presents something new. In the beginning this would be the app that would be perfect for making friends. After time progressed it became an app for flirting, and it would become the app for dating. This would be something that would overshadow a lot of other companies that were offering premium dating services. It would also compete with apps like LinkedIn because it became a networking app as well.

What people discovered is that this was a melting pot app that would become everything that they needed. Many people have found themselves deleting 3 or more apps because they could get everything that they needed with Skout. It is as if this has become one of the better apps for people that may not have a desire to log in to multiple apps to do different things.

Skout travel certainly is helping more people bond. There are so many people that are building better relationships now that they have access to an app like this. Taking a virtual tour may be the answer when the money is low. Taking a virtual tour can give people the ideal of what several cities may be like all within a 24 hour window.

Get the Skout app at