Susan McGalla: Setting the Pace for Women and Leadership

Diversity in the workplace is a recipe for success of any company. Statistically, gender-diverse companies exhibit 15% better performance than single-gender dominated companies. Likewise, ethnic diverse businesses outperform single ethnicity based businesses by about 30%. This is because people of different gender and ethnicity in business bring about diverse ideas and different perspectives.

A lot of women struggle to attain higher positions in organizations. Despite the struggle, there are a few great women like Susan McGalla who have set an example and helped many women reach higher positions. Susan’s success was not given on a silver platter. Having been raised with two brothers, she had to earn whatever she wanted, and nothing was given to her freely just because she was a girl. With this early lesson in life, she has worked her way through life and has held many successful high-level positions in different companies.

She started her career at the American Eagle Outfitters. Then, all the executives were men, but she worked her way through the ranks and by the time she was exiting the company she had attained the position of its president. After leaving the company, she founded P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at Pittsburg Steelers. With confidence, she has worked hard to earn her position despite the industry being dominated by men.

Gender diversity in organizations can be achieved through sponsorship opportunities. Women should be with guidance, assigned important tasks and projects to enable them to showcase their abilities and skills. This would help women move up the ranks and attain executive positions in organizations.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a successful American Businesswoman. She has her Bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College in Business and Marketing. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio.

She worked at Joseph Horne Company as the first break in her career in 1986. Then she moved to American Eagle Company in 1994 as a merchandise buyer for women wear. She then worked through the ranks until she was appointed the president of the company. She later founded P3 Executive Consulting.

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