Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads in Providing Safety through Modern Gadgets

Rick Shinto of Securus Technologies was appointed chair in July 2008. Many believed that he was the right person to take over the position. This is because of his excellent leadership skills in his past work experiences. True to those words, Rick Smith has been nothing but supportive of Securus Technologies since his admission to the chair. His academic credentials speak well of his abilities to offer leadership guidance to an established business. His unique skills and impressive track record of excellence set him apart from other leaders. His previous work experiences border finance, operations, business development, and telecommunications. With his leadership skills, Rick Smith has overseen the growth of the company to a higher level.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an organization that employs modern technology to produce safety measures in correctional facilities. The company has its headquarter in Texas. Guided by Rick Smith, the company provides a broad range of communication services for public safety, correctional facilities and enforcement agencies across the world. For Securus Technologies, emergency response tops the list of services provided. The company serves over 20,000 inmates and has an employee base of over 2,000. With Rick Smith as the head, Securus has continued investing in gadgets and software that aid in quick communication, monitoring of inmates, biometric analysis, incident management and inmate self-service. Read more on Crunchbase.com


Rick Smith has an excellent academic background. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also went to the State University of New York. From there, he attained a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He advanced his studies by acquiring a master’s degree in engineering from the same school. After his studies, he joined the Rochester Institute of Technology for an MBA. This time, he attained the credentials from Simon School. Since 1972, Smith has held executive positions in various companies. He acquired his first experience from Global Crossing in North America. His duties in the enterprise comprised being controller as well as chief information officer. He also worked at Frontier Information Technologies. In this organization, he was the president.


After his service at Frontier Technologies, he joined Midwest Telephone Operations as the vice president. His later went on to work at Network Plant Operations. In this company, Smith was the operations director. His services extended to being the business development manager and vice president in charge of the finance department. In 1998, Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. He served as the chief financial officer of the company until 2000. One year after his service as the chief financial officer, he was appointed president. In 2003, he was elevated to chief executive officer of Eschelon. As the chief executive officer, he led Eschelon to earn a profit of $350 million from the initial $30 million. He served the company until 2007. In 2008, he joined Securus Technologies. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

The Secrets Behind The Success Of Nine9

Anthony Toma is the originator of Nine9 The UnAgency, a different actor, and model representation firm. Toma is a renowned entrepreneur, with a myriad of successful ventures under his portfolio. He has business in the entertainment and services sectors and is an ardent believer in giving everyone an equal opportunity in the pursuit of success.

Nine9 was conceived in the most unlikely of places. Toma was still working as a grocer when he decides to add an established business to his vast collection. In the process, he crossed paths with a modeling agency located in Orlando, Florida. He purchased the franchise, and immediately started efforts to get acquainted with it. At first, the company hit the rocks, with investors backing down. However, Anthony did not give up and reinvented the firm as Coral Reef Productions, which later morphed into Nine9.

Like most working individuals, Toma starts his day by taking kids to school. Afterward, he looks for inspiration by listening to relevant audios on his way to the office. At the office, he carries out daily jobs like reading mail and evaluating trends in social media. Occasionally, he meets up with top executives at Nine9 to deliberate the way forward and what nine9 knows.

Before implementing an idea, Toma jots it down. He then brainstorms to examine the viability of his thoughts. After deliberating with his mind, he presents it to colleagues at work. Here, they assess the idea, ironing out any shortcomings and adding others where necessary. After thorough scrutiny, the idea is ready for execution and nine9 of Twitter.

As an entrepreneur, Toma has learned of the invaluable necessity of listening to others. By lending an ear, businesspersons can avoid repeating mistakes and come up with better success strategies and more information click here.

About Nine9

Nine9 The UnAgency was established with an objective to provide a second chance to prospective actors who have been turned down by other agencies. Since its inception, the firm has restored hope in numberless individuals, who previously had nowhere to turn to after being rejected.

Cotemar Believes That Environment Friendly Is the Way to Go

Mexico is soon becoming the hub for companies to grow and expand owing to the growing economic conditions that the country is currently experiencing. In Spite of this, among all the sectors in the country, the energy and oil industry are one of the few that are going through a backlash owing to the difficulties in establishing themselves. Since a lot of the energy companies present used to use various non-renewable sources of energy for their production, the regulatory authorities have put a stop to their operations, to avoid damage to the environment. This is made energy companies in Mexico rethink their business strategies and come up with more energy efficient business alternatives which they can carry out and not harm the environment while doing so.

Cotemar is one company that has managed to pass all the regulatory tests that Mexico started putting on their oil companies. Cotemar is one of the biggest oil companies in Mexico and has contributed immensely to the overall development of the country. The company believes in only using technology that helps them do as less damage as possible to the environment. The company has gone out of their way to make sure that they stand by the rules and regulations of the state and find effective techniques that can benefit all.

Cotemar believes in being efficient – in both their energy as well as the workings of the company. The company has some of the best fleets in the country to carry out their operations. They aim to become someday a world recognized company that sets the standard for energy and petroleum extractions. Burt Cotemar isn’t just striving to be the best in the international oil sector, but also to be the best company to their employees. Cotemar is known to be one of the best workplaces for employees owing to the immense amount of care they take of the people who come to work.

The company knows that out at sea, it can be dangerous and numerous natural disasters can occur. Therefore, to minimize accidents and mishaps, Cotemar has some of the most technologically advanced lifeboats, ready to go out on rescue operations the moment the need arises. They also try their best to ensure that their employees are both physically as well as mentally fit at the workplace and while they are out on the rig. Also, the company also tracks their employees with GPS chips to ensure that they don’t go missing while at sea.