The Service and Knowledge of Eric Michael Forsthoefel, MD

If you or someone you know requires medical advice or top-notch treatment, there are many professionals and doctors in several different fields to contact. Getting the best service and information available is all about knowing the right people. One name in particular to remember is Eric Michael Forsthoefel MD.

Emergency medicine is often serious business, and every individual involved with the hands-on aspect the help hospitals provide deserves some form of recommendation. The overall view concerning the confidence and competence of Eric Michael Forsthoefel, MD is bright and potentially stellar. It begins with his education with the Louisiana State University School of Medicine, which is located in New Orleans, LA. This happened by the year 2012, so he is fairly on the cutting edge as a medical doctor.

The area of Tallahassee, FL is certainly fortunate to have him as a member of the community. And equally so, the medical team that represents Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is glad to have him on board. Together, they go the extra mile while providing service to the general public’s needs. Due to the detailed and extremely crucial nature of the field in which he practices, it is nearly impossible to measure the full value and worth of his experience gained in even one year of service. So understandably, it is in order to say that the more than six years on his resume are outstanding.

To make things even better while talking about Eric Michael Forsthoefel MD, the number of insurance carriers he accepts is impressive as well. These carriers are just further evidence of his full commitment to serving as many people within the public as possible. Absolutely, he has his own office where he practices medicine, in addition to the help he provides through Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare.

Why Bob Reina Talks About Survival of the Fittest

It seems that most folks remember their very first bicycle ride. The bike, the helmet, the knee pads, and everything else that one would need to set out are critical. Most importantly, it’s the falling down that one may remember most. What about getting back up and riding again? It’s all about persistence, getting used to it, and then setting out on our own adventure. The better we get the more we long to ride that bike, but as we get older, it isn’t quite the same.


Reina goes on to talk about how as adults, we view things quite differently. Once we fail, we tend to breakdown inside. We stop, fearful of trying again. As adults, Reina maintains that we seem less likely to endure discomfort. We want things to be comfortable, and with right conditions before we choose to continue. With roadblocks in pursuit of our goals, it seems that we just stop setting goals. Reina uses this as the example of what Darwin called, “survival of the fittest”. When young, it seems that we can take the world by storm. Optimism begins to wane, and the will to survive begins to wane too. So, what can we do differently in Reina’s view?


He refers back to Beyonce, upon the release of her “visual album“. Never quitting when things don’t go as planned, it’s time to step up to the plate. He also talks about how the divorce rate in America. When things go awry, or difficult times come, we just lean on the fact that we can, “file for divorce”. Things just didn’t work out, but are we working on those things to make them work out? This is where Reina draws the line. It’s that lack of will to fight. Those who have the will to continue and work diligently on their challenges will come out ahead and better for the fight. Taking it easy never teaches us anything, and we never get anywhere with that philosophy. Learn more:


Commitment is what it comes down to. This is what Reina refers to as, “the proof is in the pudding”. Those who feel they have worked hard desire to take a break. They do so, and it’s all too soon. This is where it gets tricky. Those who want to take a break rest on their laurels a bit too much. They lose momentum as a result. Those who have to meet monthly goals rest when they have success, only to lose the next month. Taking a break does not pay off according to Reina.


Reina is now one of the most sought after speakers, as he has built his company . They are now one of the leading technology companies in the U.S.







JHSF: A Leader in the Brazilian High Income Real Estate Sector

JHSF is a leader in the real estate sector of Brazil. The company’s CEO is Jose Auriemo Neto, and they have operations in both commercial and residential markets and the development of shopping centers and upscale hotels. They also manage such developments.

The company has developed a number of shopping malls, with some of them being the Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Ponta Negra and Shopping Cidade Jardim. They currently have over five shopping centers in development.

JHSF is a leader in the industry because they are known for implementing the best sustainability practices when they undertake all projects. Not only that, but JHSF has been the recipient of a number of awards for the work they’ve done and currently continue doing.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the CEO of JHSF and he oversees the company’s interests in hotels, office buildings and public developments. Not only that, but he administers the company’s shopping and retail portfolio. In fact, the businessman oversaw JHSF’s first venture into the retail sector, which was back in 2009. That’s when the company signed partnership deals with Jimmy Choo, Hermes and Pucci.

As for education, the businessman graduated from the University of Sao Paulo before he started to work at JHSF in the early 90s. Jose is married and has kids. He temporarily moved to NYC, so he could oversee the JHSF project at Fifth Avenue. The project involved building a high-rise apartment building that faces Central Park.

If you want to learn more about JHSF or about Jose, then feel free to visit JHSF’s official website.

Introducing the Talk Fusion Free Trial Account

Talk Fusion is one of the global leaders in the video marketing and communication solutions world. The company has been steadily growing under the leadership of CEO Bob Reina for years. Now, Talk Fusion is focusing on opening up their doors in order to introduce more people to the solutions that they offer. Video marketing has become an iconic part of any company’s marketing platform and now it has become easier than ever. Bob Reina introduced the world to Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trial User account and now more people than ever have a chance to get in on the action.


Talk Fusion doesn’t just do anything without extensive preparation. Over the past year the team has been prepping to release their Free Trial User membership for the first time. The reason was simple. CEO Bob Reina knows how valuable his program is and he wants to make sure that everybody who is interested in it can have the opportunity to take part. Reina says, “We wanted to put Talk Fusion’s products into as many hands across the world as fast as we could because we know that when people try our video marketing products, they want to buy them.”


Bob Reina isn’t speaking dramatically and he isn’t overselling the free trial accounts that are on offer. Members who sign up for the first time to Talk Fusion’s platform will be gifted the 30 Day Free Trial in which they can test out all of the great things that makes Talk Fusion effective. These free trial accounts won’t have any restrictions which means that users are immediately going to be available to dig through the massive compendium of information, marketing programs, and the coveted Talk Fusion marketing suite. Users will also be able to use the brand new Talk Fusion website interface for the first time. The free trial account is perfect for businesses, individuals, and even non-profits who want to get a better grasp on their marketing goals.


Talk Fusion has been in the business since 2007. Their work is available in over 140 different countries around the world and it has been translated into 9 different languages. Learn more:





Rick Smith is serving you one email at a time!

Richard A. (Rick) Smith (aged 66), has been the CEO of Securus Technologies since Jun 23, 2008. Rick is a multi-talented man and holds a Masters in Engineering from the State University of New York. His company has been in business since the 1980’s and is committed to providing top quality and reasonably priced services for the facilities that the company services. In the pursuit of this goal, Securus seeks out mergers wherever possible and read full article.

Securus technologies recently signed a deal to purchase JPay. A prison payment system founded in Miami Florida. The company (JPay) is a provider of payment, email and other electronic services to prisons across the United States. Japay CEO Ryan Shapiro (who has since been replaced by Errol Feldman) is excited about the mission and is eager for the company to expand its footprint in the prison service providers market. The terms of the deal were kept secret as was the cost of purchase. With the merger, the two companies have expanded their reach across the US and are able to capture a wider client base with which to serve. What’s more, the email service that is being supplied by Securus gives prisoners hope for the future and better access to communicate with loved ones. Rick Smith is truly a wonderful man who offers inmates hope for the future and the outside connections that are needed to maintain or even boost an inmate’s morale, and such communications lessen the chance of recidivism amongst parolees upon their release from prison and what Rick Smith knows.

Rick and his team are committed to serving the industry and providing safe communications to the prisons they serve, but they also care about the community and seek to improve the lives of many who are in need. With JPay joining the family Rick and his team will have a greater chance to support the community through the various charities that JPay supports which include, Kids In Distress of Broward and Palm Beach Counties (a child abuse prevention group) and Prison Library Book Initiative that seeks to improve literacy among the inmate population across the United States of America and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

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Rick Smith Protects and Serves The Community With Technology

Rick Smith is the current chief executive officer for Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas and is non-profit prison Technology Company. Rick was given the CEO title in 2008. Rick has an extensive education background. He earned his associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo. Mr. Smith also earned his Master’s Degree in Engineering from State University of New York and went on to earn his MBA from The University of Rochester. In addition to being the chief executive officer for Securus Technologies, Rick Smith also sits on the board for Eschelon Telecom, Inc. He is the president and board member of Integra Telecom Co Ltd.

In July of 2015 Securus Technologies announced that they had acquired Jpay. Jpay currently functions in over 33 jails and prisons and is a technology based company that provides electronic payments as well as email hosting and educational apps. Rick Smith said that acquiring Jpay pushed Securus Technologies into one of the quickest growing sectors of inmate technology and even brings tablets to inmates. Smith also stated that this acquisition allows Securus to operate any modern jail or prison more effectively.

Rick Smith and the founder of Jpay Ryan Shapiro are both pleased with the hard work their efforts together have created. They strive to provide a safer and more technology advanced jail and prison system that will deliver top notch communications and technology to correctional officers, correctional staff, inmates and their families.

Rick Smith admitted he has received many positive emails from staff that are utilizing the updated Securus Technologies equipment. Many customers have emailed him and thanked him for how easy the payment options are and how advanced and simplistic the technology is for users. Inmates and their families have admitted they feel safer than they did in previous years. Rick has said that building safety in the company is part of the DNA of Securus Technologies; he wants the community to feel safer with the options they have created. It is Securus Technologies’ honor to protect and serve the community.

Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Is Planning To Acquire Tesco Corporation

Nabors Industries, a Bermuda-based oil drilling company, is set to acquire Tesco Corp., in an all-stock transaction. The deal, which is scheduled to be completed in the end of 2017, will be valued at $4.62 per share according to the closing price of Nabors shares. Tesco offers technology solutions to the upstream energy industry. Anthony Petrello, the CEO, president and chairman of Nabors said that the acquisition will complement their strategy of making their drilling rig to be a delivery platform for rig services in future. According to the records filed at the U.S. SEC, Tesco will be required to pay Nabors $8 million if the deal is not concluded by February 2018. Intrepid Partners, who served as Nabors’ financial adviser, facilitated the deal. This information was originally reported on Biz Journals as explained in the following link

About Tony Petrello

The once top paid CEO in America, Tony Petrello has proved to be an outstanding corporate leader. Through his transformative leadership, Nabors has managed to rank as one of the leading companies in the competitive oil industry. Nabors Industries, the oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor, operates on land across America, the Far East, Middle East and Africa. In addition, the company offers top drilling drives, equipment for rig instrumentation and data collection, directional drilling systems, software for rig reporting and equipment drill pipe handling. Leading a successful oil corporation in the current modern economy requires professionalism, commitment and determination. Tony Petrello has demonstrated a fascinating blend of the above elements in his management of Nabors.

The business leader has worked for Nabors for over three decades. He studied mathematics at Yale University. Tony is credited for helping the renowned mathematical theorist Serge Lang’s work about number theory. The two scholars worked through the most complex theorems and proofs. He proceeded to Harvard Law School to study law. The executive pursued several jobs before joining Nabors. With approximately 1,050 rigs, Nabors Industries employs over 100,000 workers. In 2014, Tony was the highest paid CEO. During that year, he was paid $68.2 million due to his excellent work at the company. According to his contract with Nabors Industries, 80 percent of Tony Petrello’s income is dependent on the performance of the company’s revenue.

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Don Ressler: The Techstyle Enterprise

Fashion is a very huge industry. It is always evolving. Therefore, it is very little mystery as to why someone would want to get involved in this industry. In order for one to be able to thrive in the fashion industry, he needs creative and a sense of where the trend is going. It is one thing to keep up with the trends. However, there are a special few that are able to influence the trends. Don Ressler is one of those in the fashion industry that has an influence on the new styles. He presents unique elegant clothing at affordable prices.


Don’s passion for fashion has led him to start TechStyle, a fashion enterprise that is put in place to influence the styles of clothing throughout the globe. His company has been very successful with the use of a business model that gains and keeps loyal customers. His brands like JustFab and Fabletics are primarily online businesses. They work through a subscription business model in which people sign up and pay a membership fee. This fee enables them to not only buy clothes at a discount but also have some free items sent to them based on the items they do buy.


Another reason that Don is so successful is that he actually pays attention to the customer. He looks at the items that are selling and uses that as the basis of the next phase of business. His partner, Adam Goldenberg, is very helpful in this respect. His attention to the data reported makes it so that the company has a smaller margin than other fashion companies.


Don Ressler is very passionate about giving customers an opportunity to update their wardrobe without having to spend a fortune. TechStyle has expanded so that there is something for everyone. Even though the company sold only women’s clothes in the beginning, it has expanded so that men could take part in the activity of updating their wardrobe with some of the most stylish items they could look at. In order to bring about some great styles, Don has collaborated with many creative people in the fashion department.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Too a Risk with Fabletics

Fabletics is a big company and something that is able to help people with the fashion needs that they have. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the people who are behind the company and they have worked hard to get to the point where they are at with Fabletics. All of this has helped them to grow the company and to make it better than what it was in the past. It is something that has given people the chance to try new things and do more with the options that they are given by the company but it is also something that has been hard for the men to continue doing.


While Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took a big risk with the company in the beginning, it paid off for them. Their company is now one of the most profitable companies in the world and it is something that is growing in popularity. Because of the way that they handled things, the men were able to market it properly and were able to make the right choices no matter what they had going on with their own business. The fact that they provided convenience is what set them apart from other athletic companies and something that made them better than the rest.


The beginning of their business was a big gamble but they knew that it would be worth it. Since they both had worked in business before, they saw this as a way to make things better on their own and for themselves. They wanted to show people that they could do a lot with what they were given and that they would be able to make a lot of changes in the areas that they were in. It was a great way for them to try new things and give more options to those who they worked with.


Marketing was the key to their success and they knew the right way to market the business. Their marketing skills gave them the option to help and make things better. It was a way for the men to try new things for their business and it was worth it. Thanks to marketing, the business is now huge. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are a marketing success story and they continue to help their clients get the best experience possible no matter what is going on with the fashion industry.

Jose AuriemoNeto Has Been an Important Part in the JHSF Growth Recipe

The Brazilian real estate sector is home to world’s top real estate companies. One such firm is JHSF that is headquartered in Sao Paulo. It also has offices in Salvador and Manaus with an international presence in the United States and Uruguay. JHSF is one of the most innovative in the industry as evidenced in its pioneering in hotel operations. Other operations of the firm are development and management of malls, corporations, and an executive airport. It is also very actively involved in high-end commercial and residential properties.


JHSF is unprecedented when it comes to spotting new market opportunities. The company draws this capability from the 45 years it has been in operations. Under the able management of Jose AuriemoNeto, it has recently spotted areas that are most profitable. These areas are those that bring recurring income for the firm. They include managing world-renowned shopping malls, such as CidadeJardim located in Sao Paulo. Other malls include Salvador-based BelaBista, Sao Roque-based CatarinaFashion outlet, and Manaus-based Ponta Negra shopping mall. JHSF has over the years entered into several strategic partnerships to bring high-end properties into the market. They include Valentino and Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Choo, and Hotel Fasano.

Other Ventures

Besides investing in real estate, JHSF has ventured in other sectors that complement the real estate operations. The industries include the energy industry that it operates under the subsidiary, SusnetaEnergia. This company supplies energy solutions at a subsidized rate to the real estate industry. These solutions include energy management, strategic support, and asset leasing services. JHSF has also invested in telecommunications through its subsidiary, Susneta Telecom. This firm offers the shopping malls and corporation sectors with telecommunication solutions. To know more click here.


JHSF has grown its operations to an unmatched level to be recognized in prestigious awards. One of the firm’s buildings created by Daniel Libeskind was voted as one of the three best in the world by American Architects.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto has been a key player throughout his tenure at JHSF. He joined the firm in 1993 and worked in different capacities to his current role of the chief executive officer.

Jose AuriemoNeto attended leading universities like the FAAP and FASE. He studied engineering and business administration.