Adam Milstein Is A Successful Businessman And Generous Philanthropist

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in the port city of Haifa to Jewish immigrants to the newly formed country of Israel. His father, Hillel, came from Mexico and his mother, Eva, came from Argentina. Adam is the oldest of three siblings. He has a younger brother called Joshua and a younger sister called Dalit that are five and seven years younger than his.

The Milsteins settled in Haifa and later moved to surrounding suburbs to raise their kids. Adam Milstein was enrolled in the Israeli Defense Force after completing primary education as compulsory under Israeli Law. It happened that during his drafting, the Yom Kippur War broke out between belligerent nearby Muslim nations and Israel. Adam Milstein saw combat in the Sinai where he was led by General Ariel Sharon. The General who led Adam Milstein into combat against Egyptian Armed Forces would later become an Israeli statesman and prime minister of the country.

During his time in the Israeli Defense Force, Adam Milstein met his future wife, Gila. She was a Jewish refugee from the Muslim nation of Morocco. The two got married after the Yom Kippur war ended and Adam Milstein’s mandatory military service was ending. They had two daughters in Israel. After getting married and completing military service, Adam went to college at the Technion. Located in Haifa, the Technion is also known as the Israeli Institute of Technology. Adam Milstein completed the business and economics program there. He graduated from the Technion of Haifa in 1978.

After helping his father in the construction business, Adam and Gila set out for the United States along with their two daughters. They reached the shores of the United States in 1981. Adam Milstein found work as a real estate sales agent in the USA. He also went through graduate school. He got a masters in business administration from USC.

Right now Adam Milstein works as a managing director at Pacific Hager Properties. This is a real estate development firm that buys, sells, manages and renovates residential and commericial properties. Adam and Gila spend a significant amount of their time and resources to help other Israeli American families in the USA. Together they created the Sifriyat Pijama B’America to help Israeli American families acclimate to the USA and maintain their Jewish identity. Adam and Gila are also generous donors to Jewish charities and pro-Israel groups.

James Dondero is a Leader for Everyone

The mark of a good man is not only being able to be successful financially and corporately, but also have a social conscious and be generous to the community around him. One man who fits this description is James Dondero, co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P., alongside Mark Okada in 1993. James Dondero is not only the co-founder, but he is also currently president of the company.

In October 2016, James Dondero announced his company, Highland Capital Management, L.P., was awarding a one million dollar challenge grant to The Family Place. This means the philanthropy department of Highland Capital Management will match up to one million dollars of funds raised from then to April of 2017. This was a grant in hope to help The Family Place in the Legacy Campaign. The Legacy Campaign had a goal of raising a total of sixteen and a half million dollars.

The Family Place is a family service provider in Texas that works with victims of domestic violence and to help educate people to work toward prevention of violence in the first place. Since its conception in 1978, The Family Place has helped thousands of women and children and men, and helped educate youth to prevent family violence and teen bullying.

James Dondero, in his award speech, proclaimed that this grant was an answer to the major of Dallas’ call for corporations to help their communities become better and safer. As a resident of Dallas, Dondero is an involved member of the community and his company. His company, Highland Capital Management has pioneered its way in the credit and equity markets thanks to the expertise of James Dondero and his excess of 30 years in the industry. In addition to running a major and diverse business, he is also Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank and is on the boards of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He constantly looks for ways to be involved in a huge variety of companies and spreads his knowledge and business savvy to all the areas he can provide incredible leadership in his community.

Jason Halpern Furthers His Family’s Legacy in Development

Building is in the Halpern Family’s blood, three generations with a passion for creating luxury living spaces and commercial developments across New York have built JMH Development into the leader of historic district development. Leading that vision and legacy is now Principal Jason Halpern who has quickly expanded JMH’s reach with new properties now lining the East Coast.


Whether it is the sunny beaches of Miami or the storied district of Williamsburg, Jason Halpern has utilized a keen eye for restoring value to old historic buildings to add millions in revenue to JMH Development.


Most notably of his recent acquisitions and projects, 184 Kent in Brooklyn has seen a complete revival under JMH Development. The historic building has garnered praise among the development community and was even awarded the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the adaptive reuse category. The once warehouse along the East River was transformed into 340 luxury apartments bringing new opportunities for businesses and residents wishing to live in the burgeoning neighborhood.


This commitment to restoring often overlooked properties within New York and a respect for the surrounding communities have fostered a new era of growth for JMH Development under the leadership of Jason Halpern. Projects like the completed Aloft South Beach Hotel and the Cobble Hill Townhouse development illustrate the company’s potential to continue revitalizing neighborhoods.


The man behind the success, Jason Halpern, does not shy away from giving back to the communities that have helped his company grow and is an avid philanthropist. Mr. Halpern leads his company in innovative charity initiatives, the most ambitious being a program to provide funds for securing clean water for at risks communities in Ethiopia and Nepal.
Even today Jason Halpern remains dedicated to helping all those around him as he continues to push his company and family legacy further into the future.


John Goullet Leads Technology Staffing Firm Diversant

Diversant is a leading technology staffing firm that helps both technology professionals and companies fulfill their employment objectives. The firm works with a number of different companies in a variety of industries. This firm will help many companies look for the best candidates to fill positions in their information technology department. As well as helping a number of companies, Diversant also helps technology professionals with varying skills and experience levels. Therefore, any technology professional that is looking for the ideal employment opportunity will benefit by working with Diversant. Like a number of other businesses, Diversant sets itself apart by adopting the core values of discipline, diversity and teamwork. With these values, Diversant has been able to establish itself as one of the premier technology staffing firms.

One of the reasons why Diversant is among the top technology staffing firms is its leadership. The firm is managed by John Goullet who has over three decades of experience in the technology and staffing industries. With his knowledge and expertise, Goullet has been able to provide Diversant with the sound direction it needs in order to fulfill its objectives and achieve its goals on a consistent basis. In order to enable the firm to achieve its goals, Goullet has adopted a philosophy that often results in the firm meeting the needs of its clients. First, the firm emphasizes diversity in which it will work with companies in varying industries and technology workers with unique skills. The firm also uses teamwork and discipline in order to work together and reach a common goal. Therefore, John Goullet has provided Diversant with a mindset that has led to lots of success over the years.

John Goullet has been the principal of Diversant for almost two decades. He became the principal after a merger he made with his own technology staffing firm. Goullet once owned a technology staffing firm in order to capitalize on the growing demand for information technology workers. Since there was the opportunity to merge with a well known company, Goullet decided to have his company come together with it in order to establish even more credibility. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Goullet worked as a consultant for a number of computing companies where he would manage various technology resources.

Evaluating Mike Baur’s Contribution in the Partnership between Fusion and Swiss Start up Factory

Swiss Start-Up Factory has announced its latest partnership with Fusion to provide a secure connection between the Swiss Company and its French counterpart. As top service providers of independent accelerators, both companies have made the bold step to forge a formidable partnership to achieve set goals and objectives. The inbuilt accelerators act as a stepping stone to promote the development of startups through prototyping and beta testing before serving the market needs.

The Fintech program is expected to headline the agenda of the comprehensive meeting as well as other ICT topics. Additionally, the tech giants intend to solicit cooperation with universities, mentor exchange programs and shared working space for startups.

Mr. Guillaume Dubray, Founder of Fintech Fusion, has hailed the digital transformation sweeping across the nation. As a leading provider in the IT industry, Switzerland is in pole position to retain and attract new entrepreneurs to spur ICT development in the State. Startups have an array of choices of development programs from coaching platforms to Startup Hubs.

Due to the linguistic variety and regional separation between the two countries, Swiss Start-Up Factory has deemed it necessary to capitalize on such strengths and resources to promote business growth. Such sentiments were echoed by the company’s co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mike Baur, during the announcement ceremony. The partnership is the first of its kind that rises above geographical and linguistic barriers to foster entrepreneurship between the two firms.

Visit the site Founder Stories to know more about Mike Baur.

Profile of Swiss Startup Factory

Formed in 2014, the tech company has cemented its status as a premium provider of accelerators to prosperous digital entrepreneurs. The Zurich-based enterprise conducts a three month-Accelerator program that provides essential services such as mentoring, coaching, financing and an all-encompassing entrepreneurial network. The program’s winter group commenced training on January 2016 and is expected to end on 15th April 2016.

Mike Baur in Brief

Mike Baur serves as the co-Founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory. He is credited with steering the company to unprecedented success within a short time. His keen business insight and IT skills have played a vital role in developing the firm into a reputable institution. Baur is a Banking and Finance guru, with a two-decade experience from the Swiss Private Banking Industry.

The Fribourg native commenced his entrepreneurial journey when he formed Swiss Start-Up at the age of 39. Mr. Baur spends most of his free time supporting youth entrepreneurship programs through financial means. Baur is an MBA holder from the University of Rochester New York.

Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Gives Back To The Community Through Philanthropy

Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky has developed a reputation as an astute business person and as one of the country’s foremost philanthropists. Lefkofsky reportedly has a net worth of approximately $1.6 billion. He built his fortune by starting and managing numerous businesses. Most recently Lefkofsky has served as the Chairman of the Board of Groupon, as the founder and CEO of Tempus, a company which hopes to use data to cure cancer by assisting physicians in providing personalized cancer treatment, and as founder and managing director of Lightbank, a venture capital firm specializing in disruptive technology businesses. Rather than spend his riches, Lefkofsky has decided to put much of it back into the community through his philanthropy endeavors.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation:

In 2006 Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation as the primary vehicle for their charitable giving. Through the foundation, the Lefkofskys support charitable endeavors in the areas of education, the arts, medical research, and human rights.

The Foundation has donated millions to over 50 organizations. The Lefkofskys are noted for their donations to disadvantaged schools, before and after school programs, and programs that promote innovative education. The Foundation has also been a strong supporter of efforts to cure cancer and other diseases. They have also donated millions to local Chicago arts and cultural groups.

Some of the groups the Foundation have supported include:

Comer Children’s Hospital;
American Brain Tumor Association;
NorthShore University Health System;
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center;
Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital;
Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center;
Chicago Institute of Art;
Citizen Schools;
After School Matters;
Planned Parenthood;
Academy for Urban School Leadership; and
Several Chicago theater groups.
The Giving Pledge:

The Lefkofskys have also shown their life-long commitment to philanthropy by signing The Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge is an effort founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in 2010. The program hopes to gain commitments from the world’s wealthiest to donate the majority of their net worth to charitable endeavors. In 2013 the Lefkofskys signed the pledge and committed to donate over half of their wealth to charity.

Community Involvement:

Lefkofsky ( has not limited his charitable endeavors to just donating money. He has also committed considerable time and energy to personally working for charitable organizations. He has volunteered his time for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Steppenwolf Theater Company. Lefkofsky was also a key player in Chicago’s efforts to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

More information for Lefkofsky here:

Autism Rocks Orchestrates an unforgettable Autism Awareness Festival in Dubai

April was a special month for Dubai – it was the autism awareness month. Autism Rocks orchestrated an action-packed festival on April 1, 2016. To watch American top rappers, Tyga and Flo Rida entertain their fans and raise autism awareness; people were required to pay Dh50. The participants had an opportunity to donate towards research into the development disorder.

Changing the world

Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark, the founders of Autism Rocks, have worked tirelessly to ensure people with autism are respected. According to Shah, the desire to make a positive impact in the society developed due to personal discipline and commitment. The couple has an autistic son, and their primary goal is to ensure people with such conditions are getting the necessary exposure to prosper in their lives.

Autism in brief

Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder, which affects the speech of a person and ability to enjoy what the world has to offer. The causes of this disease are still unidentified, and it is incurable. Individual with Autism and their families deserve unconditional support. Statics indicate that the number of autistic people increases every year. In the UK, one in 100 people develops the complication every day.

Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is a well-known hedge fund manager, who has earned the confidence of top investors. He supports many charitable organizations and runs Autism Rocks, a foundation he founded to create autism awareness and finance its research. Since inception, the Foundation has been hosting successful concerts featuring top musician in the international music scene such as Drake, Snoop Dog, Flo Rida, Tyga, and the late Prince. The funds collected during such concerts are used to finance autism research.

Career history

Shah began his career in the medical specialty but switched to accounting, which was his area of interest. He worked for leading London-based investment banking firms. After the financial crisis of 2008, Shah decided to launch his company, Solo capital. Since inception, Solo Capital has undergone a tremendous growth, diversified its portfolio of services and products, and hired more employees. The firm focuses on sports investments, trading, and consulting. As the CEO of Solo Capital, Shah ensures clients are getting unique financial solutions and services.

A Look At Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is an entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. His educational background includes a dual degree in economics and history from Beloit College. Additionally, Mr. Fernando has completed courses at the University College of London.

The career of Raj Fernando begins at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He volunteered and interned at the CME while he was a student at Beloit College. Fernando would hold various positions working for the Chicago Board of Trade after completing college.

Eventually, Fernando started his own trading firm called Chopper Trading in the year 2002. He quickly built Chopper Trading into one of the most high tech firms in the financial sector. It would utilize new risk management technologies, state of the art communication platforms, new monitoring programs and advanced security protocols to get ahead of competition. In 2004, Raj Fernando was wholly focused on developing the technological aspect of Chopper Trading and left the world of financial markets for a time.

Raj Fernando would spend the next decade expanding Chopper Trading into a multinational firm. At its peak the trading and tech company had over 250 employees. It was involved in trading at exchanges located all over the world. The firm traded on Eurex, Nasdaq London Stock Exchange and other exchanges. In 2015, Fernando decided to sell the company he had worked so hard to build up. It was sold to multinational financial firm DRW that was also originally founded in Chicago.

The year 2016, saw Raj Fernando begin work in launching a new company. He launched in 2016, as his latest venture. It is an internet based company that focuses on information delivery to corporations and private individuals. Better information flow leads to better business sales and more productivity. This is the theme behind

Raj Fernando is involved in philanthropy in the Chicago area. He is a board trustee member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He is also a board director of Paws in Chicago. This is an animal shelter, that does not kill any animals that it shelters. Mr. Fernando also serves as a board director at the Chicago Council for Global Affairs.

Eric Pulier: Funding the Future

X Prize is a non-profit organization that sets up and monitors various technological competitions and awards financial prizes and contracts to the winners. X Prize is best known for orchestrating a large competition that sought to award a large financial prize and contract in an effort to expand the sector of private space travel. On the board that helps to manage this innovative and forward thinking company if Eric Pulier.

Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Pulier always had an interest in technology and how it could shape the future. He began programming in elementary school and was so talented in the arena that he had a programming company by high school. Accomplishments such as these helped him gain admission to Harvard, where he eventually graduated Magna Cum Laude while also taking classes at MIT nearby.

In the early 1990s he moved to Los Angeles to further build and expand his career in the technology industry. He focused his efforts on improving the access of children to both healthcare and education through the use of technology. For example, Pulier founded Starbright World, which is a social media platform where children with chronic and debilitating diseases can meet and talk with other children with both similar and different illnesses and disabilities. By sharing their experiences with other children, these kids can benefit and grow from sharing their stories. These children can follow in the footsteps and successes children before them while teaching and pulling up the kids experiencing such challenges for the first time.

Other companies and interests include work with the Clinton Foundation and Akana. The Clinton Foundation is a prolific charity organization that seeks to help the underserved in both the United States and overseas. Akana, originally called Digital Evolution, was founded by Pulier in 1994. This is a software engineering and design company that manufactures a wide variety of products and platforms commonly used in the technology space. Without a doubt, Pulier is a leader and cornerstone of the rapidly expanding area. It is important for successful individuals to use their power and influence to shape the world in a positive way similar to Eric Pulier.

A Personal Connection at Talk Fusion

Technology Marketing Corporation proudly presented Talk Fusion with the Communications Solutions Products of the Year award on August 15, 2016 for their innovative Talk Fusion Video Chat. This platform is available to everyone through either Google Play or iTunes.

This product almost was not developed except that Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina was in the process of buying a vacation home. Despite an illustrative career in law enforcement, Bob still values his mother’s opinion. Therefore, he videoed the potential home and went to email a copy to his mother. The video was too big and the email program would not let him seek his mother’s advice.

This set in motion the steps for Talk Fusion to create their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. One aspect of their solution that everyone is sure to love is video email. Users can easily choose from thousands of templates to create their own emails for charity, work or personal use. Many different languages are available so people can use this exciting program around the world.

Another innovative product from Talk Fusion is their video newsletters that allow users to customize with their own texts, logos and colors. Users can even change the font to more easily capture the viewer’s attention.
Talk Fusion wants to empower people to live their dreams. These innovative products are sure to enhance that process. Their products are currently available in over 140 countries and growing. They want to connect the world together just like CEO Retina wanted so desperately to be connected to his mother.