Boraie Development Wants To Give Atlantic City A New Look

Boraie Development has shared with various New Jersey real estate news outlets that they have visions for rejuvenating Atlantic City, and they’re starting to bring one of those visions to life already with an investment in a beachfront property. According to Crunchbase, this property is known as the Beach at South Inlet which will have 250 new apartments in a highly modern housing design, and they’ll have luxury amenities including an outdoor pool, a gym and other public-use areas in addition to the apartments having their own balconies and high speed WiFi. And it’s all right next to the beach so tenants can go down and enjoy themselves any time the weather permits. Boraie Development said this project will go a long way towards satisfying millennial housing demand in the city. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development has been the work of over 40 years in investing and construction by Sam Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant who came to the US to get a doctorate’s degree at Rutgers University. He saw a city in New Brunswick that was struggling to stay afloat, and he felt if some of its old abandoned buildings were repaired that the city could once again thrive. He heard that amidst other businesses deciding to leave New Brunswick, Johnson & Johnson had decided to remain, so he went ahead and started buying abandoned downtown properties there. Most people thought Omar Boraie was unrealistic in his ideas to turn those properties into thriving spaces, but he stuck with his plans. Check out to see more.

Albany Street was Omar Boraie’s first target area. He took an 8-story building and had it remodeled and also had a parking garage fixed up to host all kinds of new shops, bring some fresh sights into New Brunswick and soon have the Boraie Development headquarters moved inside. He named this first building tower one, and 15 years later tower two added even more vibe to the neighborhood. Business was starting to come back again to New Brunswick, but Omar Boraie realized the residential blocks still had a lot to be desired. He bought a space on Spring Street that he decided to build into a 21-story condominium just like the ones in neighboring Manhattan. By the time this was completed, tenants began lining up at the door to get into it and it sold out in 2 months. Following this housing was The Aspire, another apartment high rise built near the Manhattan transportation line. Boraie Development has worked with a lot of non-profit development groups and at one time even had Shaquille O’Neal work with them on a Newark neighborhood renovation.

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Logan Stout a Jack of All Trades

Logan Stout is a jack of all trades; he is an accomplished business owner, a serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Stout is also a best-selling author and a renowned keynote speaker and leadership trainer. As a trainer, he coaches young entrepreneurs who want to become better managers and business owners. Stout is currently the founder and the CEO of IDLife which was established in 2014. Within a very short period, Stout has been able to grow IDLife to the 100 solid Top MLM Companies across the world. IDLife is a healthcare Company that deals with organic nutritional supplements. The supplements are manufactured and sold to help in sleep, energy and weight management and are also for nutritional purposes.

Stout as a keynote speaker and author has written a couple of books. One of the stout books is titled Stout Advice which highlights the secrets to building oneself, people and teams. The book also provides the readers with numerous success strategies that he has used to be where he is today.

Stout also has a passion for baseball and helping others. To show the love that he has for baseball Stout founded Dallas Patriots organization which is one of the largest baseball organizations to have ever existed. The organization was formed with the main objective of inspiring youths and helping them to build their skills level in the game. In addition, Stout wanted to make training accessible to all especially to those that needed extra encouragement having in mind that not all children receive emotional support either at home or school.

Stout was born and raised in Richardson, Texas. He is an alumnus of J.J Pearce H.S. It is while at Pearce H.S that Stout started showing his leadership skills. He was elected to the student council for showing exemplary leadership qualities in sports and the classrooms. Stout loved playing basketball and baseball during his school days however it is baseball that he continued to pursue even after completing his education. For more info about us: click here.

Scout has a degree in business from Panola and another degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. He has been featured in a couple of media outlets on matters related to sports and business. In 2007 he was featured at the Dallas Child Magazine in an article that was meant to provide coaching tips to young baseball coaches.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Life Achievements

Contributing to approximately over 30% of Bradesco Bank current success, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has really been a great leader in the bank’s investment history. He has maintained the bank’s historic reputation as the leading private investment bank in Brazil. In 2009, he was elected as the president of Bradesco Bank .He became the fourth official president in the bank’s succession history. Compared to his predecessors, his name will go down the books as the president who made Bradesco lead the private banking sector in 2015.

In 2013, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Through his determination and consistency, in 2015, he managed to clinch the award again in a bigger way. This was through a strategic purchase of a bank branch in Brazil named HSBC, which was assimilated by Bradesco Bank. Through the purchase, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi ensured an increased operational dominance of Bradesco in Brazil and increased investment. The strategic 5.2 Billion Dollars purchase enabled Bradesco Bank to overthrow its major opponent bank named Itaú Unibanco. Bradesco bank dominated the Brazilian market from having the largest account holders to the largest investment Brazil has ever witnessed in its private investment banking sector.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi holds numerous leadership positions proving his flexibility in leadership and service delivery. This has earned him numerous prestigious awards in an effort of celebrating his contribution to Brazil’s investment economy. While he was still holding the Vice Presidents position in Bradesco Bank, he was awarded as the Insurance personality of the year 2003 financial year. His hard work enabled him clinch the prize again in 2007. He also held the presidential position of Bradesco group that was leading in Brazil insurance services and formulating pension plans to the citizens.

From a clerk to a sales person in the marketing department, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked at various Bradesco Bank positions. This has greatly contributed to boosting his banking experience which he applies in his leadership position for effective success.

Considered as a man of vision, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been vocal in promoting the development of Brazil’s insurance sector. Through his fame, he gets various features in top newspapers and business articles. He uses platforms like interviews to share various helpful business ideas. A good example is his belief that the state should massively support the public and private insurance sector so as to improve Brazil’s social standards. He promotes patriotism by encouraging investment and maintaining a positive picture of Brazil’s economy.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s ideology on positivity is traced to his campus life at the University of Sao Paulo, where he graduated as a Philosophy student. During his campus life, he was among the students who led to Christ the Redeemer statue being considered as a world wonder. This was through active campaigns sensitizing people to vote for the statue. Its inclusion as a world wonder was a big gain to Brazil in terms of tourism and the world in general.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is renowned for his encouragement quotes to his fellow Brazilians. He preaches hope and confidence as the major keys to a successful business society. He offers leadership in various private organizations including an association of private pension. He is a board member in an institute that deals with health education.

According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi leadership strategy, he considers competition to be healthy for business growth and service provision as the major goal. His various successes are as a result of hard work, faith, determination, patience, and strategic planning. Despite all his successes and fame, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is humble in his interaction and keeps it professional when it comes to business.

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Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Is Planning To Acquire Tesco Corporation

Nabors Industries, a Bermuda-based oil drilling company, is set to acquire Tesco Corp., in an all-stock transaction. The deal, which is scheduled to be completed in the end of 2017, will be valued at $4.62 per share according to the closing price of Nabors shares. Tesco offers technology solutions to the upstream energy industry. Anthony Petrello, the CEO, president and chairman of Nabors said that the acquisition will complement their strategy of making their drilling rig to be a delivery platform for rig services in future. According to the records filed at the U.S. SEC, Tesco will be required to pay Nabors $8 million if the deal is not concluded by February 2018. Intrepid Partners, who served as Nabors’ financial adviser, facilitated the deal. This information was originally reported on Biz Journals as explained in the following link

About Tony Petrello

The once top paid CEO in America, Tony Petrello has proved to be an outstanding corporate leader. Through his transformative leadership, Nabors has managed to rank as one of the leading companies in the competitive oil industry. Nabors Industries, the oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor, operates on land across America, the Far East, Middle East and Africa. In addition, the company offers top drilling drives, equipment for rig instrumentation and data collection, directional drilling systems, software for rig reporting and equipment drill pipe handling. Leading a successful oil corporation in the current modern economy requires professionalism, commitment and determination. Tony Petrello has demonstrated a fascinating blend of the above elements in his management of Nabors.

The business leader has worked for Nabors for over three decades. He studied mathematics at Yale University. Tony is credited for helping the renowned mathematical theorist Serge Lang’s work about number theory. The two scholars worked through the most complex theorems and proofs. He proceeded to Harvard Law School to study law. The executive pursued several jobs before joining Nabors. With approximately 1,050 rigs, Nabors Industries employs over 100,000 workers. In 2014, Tony was the highest paid CEO. During that year, he was paid $68.2 million due to his excellent work at the company. According to his contract with Nabors Industries, 80 percent of Tony Petrello’s income is dependent on the performance of the company’s revenue.

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