A New Approach to Therapy for a New Age

The information age has completely saturated our modern society in an endless cloud of content. While information is at our fingertips as long as a computer or phone is near, we struggle to discern what information is the most useful for our purposes. As a result, there seems to be a massive culture of dissatisfaction.

While this is a very grim view of our current technologies and cultures, there is another hopeful aspect to the digital chaos of information. This platform can help us connect with real people, who can provide support in organizing information so that we are getting the most out of our efforts.

Talkspace is an excellent example of how technology’s advances can help focus and address issues for individuals rather than spiral people down google driven rabbit holes. This app has been making waves in social media channels recently, with reviews of innovative people pursuing alternative therapy through text on their phones and computers.

Many have been surprised with the effectiveness of Talkspace’s platform, and half a million users are being serviced by approximately 1,000 therapists at the moment. One possible reason for the success of Talkspace could be its notably low prices. Starting at just $32 each week, it rivals other digital therapy platforms as well as traditional visits to a therapist.

These benefits have illuminated the possibility for a better future in our information age. While there are many territories to get lost in as one surf’s the web for what they seek, we also see how the world wide web is learning itself, learning how to serve people, and most importantly, learning how to better connect people. Talkspace speaks directly to this social need for our information to serve our lives in a specific relevant way.