Lime Becomes a Well Known Makeup Brand

Lime Crime is definitely a company that is going to be getting a lot of recognition in the next year. Doe Deere is now bringing a semi-permanent hair dye to the company that was already known for an outstanding brand of cosmetics that were gender neutral.

Doe Deere is a fan of the generation of millennials that have taken to the way of word-of-mouth appeal about Lime Crime. This is essentially how more than a million people became followers to the Lime Crime Instagram account. It is rare to see any print advertising, and it is even less likely for consumers to see Lime Crime commercials.

There is an easy explanation for this: Doe Deere really does not feel that she needs it. It is true that more people may be exposed to the brand with commercials and print ads, but the downside to that is that it raises the cost of operating. As far as Doe Deere is concerned Lime Crime is functioning just fine with the word of mouth promotion and social media buzz that has catapulted her to success.

It is not a mystery about how someone like Doe Deere became as successful as she is. Anyone that takes a look at her path to success can see that Lime Crime is a brand that has evolved as the consumer base has evolved. More people know about this brand because fans are commenting on the products that they are buying. They think that they are getting good quality, and they want to share this news with their friends and family members.

Lime Crime is the brand that is known for deep and rich colors when it comes to makeup. Doe Deere is also someone that has been known for deep red and purple colors when it comes to dying her hair.

Now others that have seen and it admired these deep colors are now able to get some of these through Lime Crime. This is an expansion of the brand, and it gives new light to what Lime Crime may be able to provide in the future.