Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci’s Predictions.

Ever since the gold rush back in the 19th century, California has steadily been a popular place for those moving out west seeking a better life. Towards the end of the 20th century, the state witnessed another kind of “gold rush” known as the IT industry or dot com boom. For a while it seemed like anyone who had anything to do with the computer industry was moving out to California. Needless to say, this put a strain on real estate availability and therefore housing costs. The result of all this growth is that California has one of the most expensive real estate costs in the nation and as well as the world. The median price for a house is nearly twice, compared to the rest of the country.

Not surprisingly, the most expensive areas are the cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose. In these areas, housing costs have jumped as high as 75% in the last few years. The situation is so bad that even techies earning a high income have jumped ship and moved way out into the suburbs where the trailer parks are located! Sure, they have much cheaper housing but it can take them as long as two hours to get to work, one way! This is in itself an indication how far things have gone. For all these reasons and more, real estate sales guru Nick Vertucci predicts major changes in the way business is done in the real estate sector for California.

Even though California finds itself in one of its best economic times, Nick Vertucci predicts that changes are on the horizon as far as the law is concerned for the real estate sector. This is because of the simple reason that many people are not happy with the way things are going. Despite the good economy, California also has a high rate of poverty. And these folks simply cannot afford a decent home fairly close to the city. In fact, in a city like San Francisco, a middle-class family is now considered to be low income!

The Academy

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate broker who went on to establish the highly popular NV Real Estate Academy. He started this institution to help others find success in this business, based on the experiences he got while working in real estate for the past 15 years. He travels the length and breadth of the country imparting the knowledge he gained to become highly successful while selling houses.

Igor Cornelsen Describes Four Key Things To Know Before You Invest In The Stock Market

Igor Cornelsen is a highly regarded stock market trader who specializes in trading stocks in the Brazilian markets. Mr. Cornelsen also consulted for Brazilian banking institutions. He now serves as the director of Bainbridge Group Inc., which is an offshore investment management fund. Below you will find Igor Cornelsen’s four tips to know before putting your money into the stock market.


The first thing that Igor Cornelsen highlights is that a person should know how much risk they are able to handle. If you want higher payouts and can handle lots of risk then you can invest in much more riskier stocks and bonds. On the other hand, if you do not like taking risks at all, then the stock market is probably not for you. You will be better suited to bonds.


Cornelsen points out that usually a higher risk in an investment means a higher return in the end. Still, there are relatively safe stock market investments that are known as blue chip stocks. These are stocks in companies that have a proven and stable record of profitability and dividend payments. Invest in these if you want to minimize your risk on the stock market. Regardless of what kind of stock you invest in, you should feel comfortable about the risk you are taking. If you do not feel comfortable investing in something, then you should not do it.


The second point that Igor Cornelsen makes is that any investor should have a basic understanding of the stock market and the companies that they are planning to invest their money in. Cornelsen states you do not have to become an all knowing expert, but you should have a grasp on how the markets work, what the company does, whether it is profitable or not and the history of the company’s stock prices. Igor says that if you do not know how the stock market works, then you are almost playing a sport without knowing the rules of that sport.


Igor Cornelsen’s third and fourth points are that you should set goals for yourself and keep your emotions out of your stock market trades. All of your trades should work towards your goal. When you do buy and sell, make it based on whether it will help you achieve your goals and not based on the spur of the moment.