José Henrique Borghi: the Advertising Expert

José Henrique Borghi is a renowned advertising guru based in Brazil. His advertising career began in 1989 when he started working with Standard Ogilvy. He has worked with many other Brazilian advertising agencies including Talent, FCB, and DM9DDB. He also worked with Leo Burnett Agency where he served as the Vice President and later President. José has led a lot of advertising campaigns over the course of his career, including advertising campaigns for Google, Royal, Hyatt, Ikea, Mattel, Harley Davidson, Western Union, General Motors, Johnson and Johnson and Caribbean among other companies. He is highly sought after in Brazil due to his extensive experience and expertise in advertising.

In 2002, José Henrique Borghi partnered with Erh Ray and together they formed BorghiErh Advertising Agency. 4 years later, BorghiErh merged with Lowe Advertising Agency and became Borghi Lowe Advertising Agency. This ad agency then formed a partnership with Mullen Advertising Agency in 2015 and became Mullen Lowe Brasil, which is part of the Mullen Lowe Group. José is currently the CEO and chief creative officer of Mullen Lowe Brasil. He is in charge of public relations, social media advertising, mobile marketing and digital marketing. Under his leadership, Mullen Lowe Brasil has received several awards for its success in advertising. José has also won several awards over the course of his career including the 2009 Advertiser of the Year Award to learn more: click here.

The field of marketing and advertising is one of the most fast-paced fields to work in, with changes happening at the speed of lightning. Succeeding in field requires a lot of commitment and hard work, and it needs someone who can keep up with the changes to stay ahead of the competition. José Henrique Borghi’s success in advertising, therefore, did not come easy. It is his passion for his work that makes him so good at what he does and makes his stand out from the pack.

The Name of Jose Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe is a Success Story in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

The world of publicity is a very competitive sector, especially in developed economies. In the Brazilian advertising industry, no other personality is as talented and highly prolific like Jose Henrique Borghi. Throughout the media sector in South America, he is famous for his charming and charismatic qualities. The vibrant nature of Mullen Lowe Brasil and the entire advertising industry in Brazil is due to the insights and forethoughts of Mr. Borghi. All the media campaigns in which he has been part of have had greater impact in Latin America and beyond

One very famous advert by Mullen Lowe that portrays children dressed like stuffed animals and singing sweet carols is very popular in the country. The rise of his fame in the Advertisement agency can be traced back to the days when he was a student. He decided to go into advertising after watching a theater performance of Castro Neves. In 1989 he graduated with honors from an academy for advertising, and he joined the Ogilvy Ad agency, The Company was soon competing with well-established companies and winning many accounts from big corporations

After working for sometimes he collaborated with Leo Burnet, and they founded their organization which was later named Mullen Lowe, and without funding from any external source, the company rapidly expanded to become a major player in the Brazilian media. It is interesting that instead of borrowing money for the startup, he used the money he had saved by selling coffee. They worked together with his partner for sometimes, and later they split up. Jose managed to steer the company to greater heights of success. He understands that for a company to succeed to must have something special to give to the customers. As the Chief Executive Officer of Lowe Mullen, he is now the advertiser for international companies like Globo, Unilever, Fiat, and the American Express.

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The allure of Nizan Guanaes

The current world is turning out to be a very competitive environment. All products and services in the market should stay ahead of its competitors or face the cruel wrath of extinction. Advertising is the process of informing consumers about the availability of a product through mass media like televisions, radio and newspapers. The product or service offered should be presented in a form which is appealing to consumers.

Nizan Guanaes is the co-founder and partner of ABC group. This is a Brazilian holding company that specialises in advertising, entertainment, content sectors and marketing services. Since its formation, the company grew rapidly and in less than ten years, it was the nineteenth biggest marketing communication group in the whole universe.

All Brazilians accept that Nizan Guanaes is a born trailblazer and entrepreneur. He is one of the most prominent people in Brazil; Financial times actually ranked him as the fifth most important person in his country.

Nizan Guanaes love for his beloved country has pushed him to dedicate several hours of his time to social issues that are directly related to entrepreneurship, education and the preservation of the Brazilian culture.

All Multinationals are all aware of his leadership qualities. He was chosen as UNESCO goodwill ambassador and a representative of UNAIDS high-level commission on prevention of HIV. He is also a member of Clinton Global Initiative, Women in World Foundation and World Economic Forum.

In 2008, Nizan Guanes was named as Ernst and young entrepreneur of the year. This was followed by communication entrepreneur of the year in 2009 by ISTOE magazine. In 2010 he was named “poder ABC business award” by the poder magazine. It is evident that Nizan is humble, we decorated and patriotic individual. His goal is to ensure that Brazilians live better lives than they are currently.