When people in Brazil are looking for the perfect lawyer to represent them or advise them there are a couple of traits that one is inclined to look for. A reliable advocate with immense familiarity to the law business as well as a deep understanding of the jargons that are used in court, one with experience in the lawyer business is important and a lawyer who has dealt with similar cases and successfully won them is also a key factor to look for. In addition, the lawyer should be registered under the Order of Attorneys of Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer with over twenty-six years of experience in the business, at fifty-four Tosto has handled many cases in which he has succeeded in most of them consequently gaining him his great reputation. Having studied at Makenzie Presbyterian University where he acquired a master’s degree in law as well as a business administration degree, Ricardo has continued to perfect his skills with years and years of practice. He defends both governmental as well as non-governmental companies, his clients are not limited to Brazilians and in most cases the clients are politicians.

He worked and a few law firm and after proving himself capable of handling cases with great efficiency he earned a promotion and soon a few of the top firms were looking to have him working for their firms. While working Tosto got to be an advocate for some important figures in the society and through them he was able to start his one firm. In nineteen ninety-one Ricardo and a few of his associated started Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados, the firm has defended some very prominent personalities and organizations and through the years it has come to be recognized as a reputable law firm.

Over the years Ricardo has specialized in a variety of fields like Civil and Commercial Law, Bankruptcies, Recovery of Credits, Acquisition Review, Judiciary Recovery, Business Restructuring, Electoral and Banking Contacts. His hard work has not gone unnoticed when in two thousand and sixteen he was named the best in his career by the Latin Lawyer 250.