A Man of Service to his Community and Country

Among the most active people in public service, Perry Mandera is one of them. He is an entrepreneur with a successful company called Customs Companies. He has his headquarters at Illinois. There are other offices since the company has grown and opened offices in other states. Perry has come from far before he succeeded in his company. Due to the experience he has acquired, Perry dedicates part of his time to mentor upcoming entrepreneurs.

As for public participation, Perry supports ISCC, a law enforcement unit in Illinois. The abbreviation stands for Illinois State Crime Commission. Perry’s commitment to civil service has earned him the Bishop Sheil Award. ISCC’s work is to minimize crime and juvenile delinquency in Illinois. Additionally, the unit also works to achieve cohesion between the public and law enforcement officers.

Before starting the journey of his career, Perry attained a good education. After high school, Perry wished to join Unite States Marine Corps Reserves. While in service, Perry was told to work at the motor pool. He did not know that this would be beginning of his destiny. While working here is how he discovered his passion. Perry learnt how to drive a truck. He realized he wanted to be in the transport industry.

Perry completed his service time and began working in transport companies (https://twitter.com/perrymandera1). By now, he was sure this was his rightful work. Perry valued this experience because he was soon going to use it in his business. True to his vision, Perry was able to start his first business but sold it. He wanted to serve in a political position. Perry became the committeeman for the 26th Ward.

Customs Companies was then started after complete of other aspirations. Since most of his focus has been on this company, it has thrived and expanded. The company has numerous employees with branches in several states. The growth has increased efficiency in serving its clients. Customs offer transportation services. Perry’s major concern is that clients are receiving quality services. He is also a key leader in guiding the organization’s vision and daily mission. Customs Company is looking forward to more growth and expansion as it continues to serve its clients.


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